This document provides information on the list of known issues in the Adobe Media Encoder.

April 2019 (version 13.1) release

  • Dragging a scene from Character Animator to Adobe Media Encoder's queue doesn't honor Work Area setting
    Issue: By default, Source Range is set to Entire Composition. If you change the Source Range to Work Area, the In & Out points are set to the beginning of timeline.
    Workaround: To handle the work area setting correctly, use File > Export.
  • Lossless audio from WMV is imported as noise (Win10 build1809 only)
    Issue: When you import WMV with lossless audio, you do not hear the original audio.
    Workaround: Do not update to Win10 build1809. Instead use the Win10 build1803 or earlier versions.
  • Adobe Media Encoder hangs when trying to reingest a camera structured source.
    Issue: Adobe Media Encoder hangs if you turn on/off the transcode option in Ingest settings when trying to reingest a camera structured source.
    Workaround: Specify a different copy location.

December 2018 (version 13.0.2) release

  • QuickTime files with legacy codecs to import as audio only
    Issue: The ending of QuickTime 32 support causes some QuickTime files with legacy codecs to import as audio-only.
    Workaround: Transcode files to a supported codec and reimport.
  • Audio is out of sync
    Issue: Audio is out of sync by several 100 samples in H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG4, when multiplexing audio and video streams.
    Workaround: None, except encoding into a different format with uncompressed audio such as MXF.
  • With H.264, AAC audio is truncated at the end.
    : When you use H.264 on-the-fly muxing, AAC audio is truncated at the end.
    Workaround: Use VBR 2-pass encode or use MPEG audio.
  • Encode Error
    Issue: Encode error when DL-queued from Premium Pro and encoded into the matching QT ProRes video setting as the source.
    Workaround: Check the "Import sequence natively" option.
  • Some of the QuickTime reference files are not imported.
    : Some QuickTime reference files can no longer be imported.
    Workaround: No workaround.
    Support for import/export of legacy 32-bit QuickTime media is discontinued. For more information, see  32-bit QuickTime support has ended.

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