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Adobe Stock 3D Assets: Models, Materials, and Lights

Elevate your work to a new dimension by incorporating 3D models, materials, and lights into your creative process.

Discover the amazing collection of 3D models, materials, and lights and bring your design to life. 

The Adobe Stock 3D collection is built with the highest aesthetic and technical standards in mind. Adobe Stock’s curated network of artists and partners create assets that are at the forefront of 3D design and adhere to the highest content quality standards. Leveraging elements like controlled geometry and topology, consistent, artist-created UV maps, and reliable material parameters and lighting settings, providing you with a successful content experience, regardless of whether you are new or experienced in the world of 3D. 

  • 3D Models: Customize the style, look and scale of any 3D model in your scene.

  • 3D Materials: Instantly change the visual appearance of any 3D model by choosing from a vast selection of pre-made materials.

  • 3D Lights: Illuminate your scene with real-world lighting, reflections and a background image.

Natively integrated into Adobe Dimension, you can search through thousands of free and paid Adobe Stock 3D assets to locate the perfect asset while never leaving the comfort of the app. The 3D collection can also be used within the broader 3D and AR ecosystem at Adobe including Substance Suite and Adobe Aero. 

The Adobe Stock 3D collection empowers you, as a creative, to:

  • Save time and effort by using assets already built to the highest quality and standards. By incorporating 3D, you will be able to quickly and efficiently iterate on your assets and/or projects.

  • Elevate your brand with customers and clients by showcasing the power of 3D, leveraging content that is at the forefront of design.

  • Take advantage of interoperability between 2D, 3D and AR workflows and tools while maximizing the power of the Creative Cloud.

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