Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

You can group the scenes in your script into acts. You can use acts to organize your script into the classic three-act structure. Story does not limit the number of acts in a script. Your script can have any number of acts.

The outline view of a script displays the acts inserted in a script. You can expand/collapse the acts. You can also use drag-and-drop to rearrange the scenes within an act or across the acts. You can also change the default text for Acts/Parts using the template.

Add act

You can insert an act in a scene that is not the first scene of an act.

  1. Place cursor in a scene that you want to make the first scene of the act. The end of the act is either the beginning of the next act or the end of script if there are no other acts after the inserted act.

  2. Select Edit > Insert Act/Part Break.

Remove act

You can delete an act after placing the cursor in the first scene of the act.

  1. Place the cursor in the first scene of the act you want to remove.

  2. Select Edit > Remove Act #.