Custom Platform Support Development Kit  1.3
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NApplicationProvides interfaces for 'Adobe Animate CC' Application
 NServiceProvides service interfaces for 'Adobe Animate CC' Application
 NDocTypeProvides interfaces for custom document type
 NDOMProvides interfaces and other definitions to access the FLA authored contents in the form of a DOM (Document Object Model)
 NFillStyleProvides interfaces and definitions for fill styles
 NFrameElementProvides interfaces and definitions for Frame elements
 NGraphicFilterProvides interfaces and definitions for graphical filters
 NLayerProvides interfaces and definitions for Layers
 NLibraryItemProvides interfaces and definitions for Library Items
 NMediaInfoProvides interfaces and definitions for media
 NServiceProvides service interfaces for DOM access
 NDocumentProvides service interfaces for Document operations
 NFontTableProvides service interfaces for Font table
 NImageProvides service interfaces for Image
 NShapeProvides service interfaces for Shape operations
 NSoundProvides service interfaces for Sound
 NTextLayoutProvides service interfaces for text layouts
 NTweenProvides service interfaces for Tween
 NStrokeStyleProvides interfaces and definitions for stroke styles
 NUtilsProvides utility interfaces and definitions
 NExporterProvides interfaces for exporter that can be used by custom publisher
 NServiceProvides service interfaces for exporter
 NFCMThe definitions contained in this namespace define a framework called Flash Component Model (FCM), which is responsible for plug-in management. The FCM framework manages loading, unloading and registration of the plug-in. It also manages service instantiation, object instantiation and object lifetime management
 NPublisherProvides interfaces for custom publisher