Unable to convert 3D files to PDFs

With May 2019 release of Acrobat, converting 3D files to PDFs is disabled. If you try to convert a 3D file (like U3D or PRC file) to PDF using Acrobat, you see a message saying that it’s an unsupported file type.

Impacted versions



Acrobat DC


If you still want to enable the ability to convert 3D files to PDFs, create a registry key (Windows) as mentioned below.

Solution: Create a feature-specific registry key on Windows

  1. Quit Acrobat application if it's already running.

  2. Open the registry editor -  go to Run (Windows menu + R), type regedit.exe in the Open field and click OK.

  3. In the registry editor, based on your installed version of the product, go the version-specific location listed below, and create the key Block3DConversion at the location; the key may not be present by default.

    For Acrobat DC (Continuous):

    • Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\(Wow6432Node)\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\DC\FeatureState
  4. Under FeatureState, create a key of type DWORD and name it Block3DConversion. Change its value to 0 (zero).


    When the value of Block3DConversion is:

    • 0: Conversion of 3D file to PDF is enabled in Acrobat
    • 1: Conversion of 3D file to PDF is disabled in Acrobat
  5. Close the registry editor.

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