Digital Publishing Suite Classic End-of-Life FAQ

Digital Publishing Suite Classic (“DPSC”) will end-of-life on August 31, 2019.

Digital Publishing Suite Classic End-of-Life FAQ

What is the future of Digital Publishing Suite Classic?

Digital Publishing Suite Classic (“DPSC”) will end-of-life on August 31, 2019. On this date, Adobe will end all cloud services and technical support for DPSC customers. Subscribed DPSC customers will be able to push content and folios to existing DPSC apps, and Adobe will continue to provide certain security updates, until August 31, 2019. Existing Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (“AEMM”) customers can continue to use the AEMM solution with no impact to their mobile apps.

What are the reasons to end-of-life Digital Publishing Suite Classic?

Since its introduction in 2012, DPSC has enabled organizations of all sizes to deliver engaging mobile app experiences to their customers and employees. Today, customers are increasingly leveraging native app development tools or front-end JavaScript frameworks to build mobile and IoT apps. App building frameworks have changed, and this has contributed to Adobe’s decision to end-of-life DPSC so we focus our efforts on supporting the mission to enable organizations to deliver engaging app experiences via Adobe Experience Manager (“AEM”), and its content services capability. This allows customers to seamlessly deliver or update engaging content on mobile and IoT apps. AEM also enables customers to repurpose that content to other digital touchpoints including web, email, social and more. To learn more about AEM, please contact your Adobe Representative.

What alternatives do I have for Digital Publishing Suite Classic?

In 2015, Adobe announced that there would be no new feature development for DPSC, and since then, many customers have migrated to AEMM. Adobe continues to offer AEMM as an alternative to build new content-centric mobile apps. Adobe will continue to provide OS and security updates to AEMM but there will be no new feature investment. Information on upgrading your DPSC app to an AEMM app can be found here. To learn more about purchasing AEMM please contact your Adobe Representative. Alternatively, many of our customers are also building apps using native frameworks and leveraging power of Adobe Experience Manager's Content Services capability to deliver and update engaging content to those apps.

What other tools does Adobe offer for mobile apps?

Adobe continues to invest in providing the best tools and services for mobile app designers and marketers. For instance, designers can explore Adobe Express, a tool that helps users easily create and share engaging visual content on any mobile app. In addition, marketers can leverage solutions to measure, optimize, and personalize mobile app experiences with Adobe Analytics for Mobile Apps and Adobe Target for Mobile Apps. To learn more about these solutions, please contact your Adobe Representative.

Whom do I contact to discuss more about the end-of-life for DPSC?

Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support to discuss your specific situation and advice on the best next steps.


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