Fill Frame - Guided edit

This Guided edit is a walkthrough on how to fill in the black bars around the video to match the video frame.

You might have often seen black bars on the sides of your pictures or videos. This happens when the aspect ratio of media is different from the aspect ratio of the PRE project. This can often make your output look unappealing. Use the Fill Frame feature to fill the bars around your pictures and videos to match the video frame.

  1. Click Add Media to import the video clip that you want to work with. Ignore if the video clip is already present in the timeline.

  2. Select the appropriate import option and import media.

    Add media to Premiere Elements

  3. Once imported, the media file gets added to the Project Assets bin.

  4. Drag-and-drop the media file from the Project Assets bin to the track Video 1 in the timeline.

  5. Add the same media file to the Video 2 track in the timeline.

  6. Select the file on the track Video 1 and open the Applied Effects panel from the right pane.

  7. Move the Scale slider to adjust the scale and fill the bars. Increase the value until the bars are completely filled.


    Recommended scale is 3X for vertical/portrait files and 1.5X for horizontal/landscape files.

    Scale and fill the side bars

  8. You can blur the image on the side bars by adding the Gaussian Blur effect. Open the Effects panel from the right pane.

    A. Applied effects panel B. Effects panel 

  9. Select Gaussian Blur, and drag-and-drop it onto your media on the Video 1 track.

  10. Use the Blurriness slider to adjust the effect.


    Recommended blurriness value is 30. This works best for most media.

    Adjust blur using the slider

  11. To export the final output, select File > Export and Share. For information about various exports and share options available, see Export and share your videos.

    Export and share

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