Animated Sky - Guided edit

This Guided Edit is a walkthrough on how to replace the sky in your photo with an animated video.

This guided edit helps you bring life to still images by animating the sky and making your photos look lively. Note that this edit is only available for photos and not videos. 

  1. Select Guided > Fun Edits > Animated Sky.

  2. Click Add Media to add a photo. Select the appropriate import option and import media.

    Add media to Premiere Elements

  3. Once imported, the media file gets added to the Project Assets bin.

  4. Drag-and-drop the media file in the Video 2 track in the timeline at the playhead position.

  5. On the right panel, click the graphics icon. This opens the video background options. Drag the selected video and drop it on the Video 1 track in the timeline.

    Below is an example of 01_Cloud and 02_Firework applied to an image.


    Make sure that the background video is aligned to the photo on video 2 track.

  6. Drag the edge of the photo to cover the background.

  7. Click the effects icon on the right pane to open video effects. Drag-and-drop the ultra key effect onto the photo on the Video 2 track in the timeline.

    Video effects

  8. In the Applied Effects panel, select the Key Color eye dropper. Hover it over the preview screen and select the sky color to make it transparent.

  9. To trim the clip, click the right edge of the photo on Video 1 track and drag it to match the duration of the background video.

  10. The sky in your photo is now animated. Press play to view the results.

  11. Click Done to finish the project and exit the Guided Edit mode. To export the final output, select File > Export and Share. For information about various exports and share options available, see Export and share your videos.

    Export and share

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