Exporting to DVD or Blu-ray Disc


Encore CS6 has been discontinued for several years and is no longer available for download.

Consider third-party utilities or use Destination Publishing in Adobe Media Encoder to post video content to online platforms, including password-protected content (such as for client reviews). For more information about destination publishing through Adobe Media Encoder, see Export settings reference for Media Encoder

Choosing file formats for various discs

When exporting a file from the Export Settings dialog box for use in DVD or Blu-ray Disc creation, select the format appropriate for the target medium.

  • For single-layer or dual-layer DVD, select MPEG2-DVD.
  • For single-layer or dual-layer Blu-ray Disc, select either MPEG2 Blu-ray or H.264 Blu-ray.

Select the preset for a given format in accordance with the available space on the target medium and the needs of the target audience.

Send a sequence to Encore to create a DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or SWF


Before you begin, make sure that Encore is installed on the same computer as Premiere Pro.

  1. In Premiere Pro, select a sequence.
  2. (Optional) Add Encore chapter markers, if desired. See Add Encore chapter markers.
  3. (Optional) If you are producing a sequence for standard-definition output that includes high-definition clips, select Maximum Render Quality before using Dynamic Link to send the sequence to Encore for DVD authoring. This does not apply to HD sequences that use Dynamic Link for Blu-Ray Disc authoring.
  4. Choose File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send To Encore.
  5. On the Basic tab in the New Project dialog box, type a name for the disc into the Name field.
  6. (Optional) Click Browse and browse to a location for the Encore project, to change it from the default location.
  7. In the Project Settings pane, select the name of the authoring mode desired.

    The sets of options available in the Settings area and on the Advanced tab depend on whether Blu-ray or DVD is the authoring mode.


    The authoring mode can be changed at any time in Encore, in the Project Settings dialog box.

  8. (Optional) Click Advanced, and select the desired transcoding settings.
  9. Click OK.

    The Encore Project panel contains the dynamically linked Premiere Pro project and sequence.

  10. Finish authoring and exporting in Encore. 

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