Creating DPS content for iPads

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This article refers to Digital Publishing Suite. For the AEM Mobile article, see Methods for authoring content.

The retina display iPad HD has 2048x1536-pixel dimensions compared to the 1024x768 dimensions of the iPad SD models. To create folios that target both SD and HD devices, you have the following options:

Create only 1024x768 folios in PDF image format (recommended)

You can use multi-rendition PDF articles to create a single 1024x768 folio that looks great on all iPad models. For example, you can create slideshows and scrollable frames in which the content is exported in vector format. You can include both SD and HD assets in the same folio, which is especially important for pan and zoom image overlays. See Creating multi-rendition PDF articles for iOS devices. This approach is especially useful for single-folio apps, which do not support renditions.

Create 1024x768 and 2048x1536 renditions

When you create folio renditions, the iPad SD models display only the 1024x768 rendition and the iPad HD displays only the 2048x1536 rendition. You can use either the same set of source files (recommended) or two different sets of source files to create the renditions. For additional guidance, see the articles by Bob Bringhurst and Colin Fleming linked below.

Create only 2048x1536 folios

This approach is not recommended. In multi-issue viewers, 2048x1536 folios appear only on the HD iPad. In single-issue viewers, the content is noticeably rasterized and performance problems can occur.

Important considerations when creating renditions:

  • If possible, avoid publishing renditions separately. Suppose that you publish a 1024×768 folio and then a week later you publish a 2048×1536 rendition of that folio. If your iPad 3 customers open the library before the larger rendition is available, only the smaller rendition remains available. The only way for them to get the larger rendition is to remove and reinstall the viewer app. (This limitation is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming release.)

  • If you have a Newsstand app, do not trigger a push notification until all renditions have been published and are available.


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