Learn how you can add or download projects from SharePoint in RoboHelp.

Create a SharePoint Profile

  1. In the menu bar, select Collaborate > New Connection.

  2. In the Connections Profile dialog box, specify a profile name in Name. For example: Sharepoint_Profile

  3. In the Version Control drop-down list, select SharePoint Online.

  4. In SharePoint Site URL, specify the URL of SharePoint site.

  5. Click Login.

    After you log in, you can view your user name and ID in the Connection Profiles dialog box.

  6. Click Save to save the profile.

    You can now add projects to Sharepoint or download a project from it.

Download a project from SharePoint Online

  1. In the menu bar, select Collaborate > Open Connection and select a desired profile.

  2. Browse and select a desired RoboHelp project file and click Select.

  3. In Repository Details dialog box, specify the Local Path where you want the project to be downloaded to and click Open. The project will then download and open in RoboHelp.

  4. After you've edited your project, you can check out the files in your project. To do this, click Save All in the File menu. When prompted to check out, click OK. The project is then checked out and saved.

  5. In the menu bar, select Collaborate > Check In to check in the checked out files.

Add a project to SharePoint Online

  1. In SharePoint Online, from your browser, create a folder in which you want to add your RoboHelp project.

  2. In RoboHelp, open the project that you want to add to SharePoint.

  3. In the menu bar, select Collaborate > Add Project and select a desired profile.

  4. Browse and select the folder on SharePoint where you want to add the project. Ensure that this folder is empty.

  5. In the Check In dialog box, you can view the list of files that will be added to SharePoint.

  6. Click Select All and check in. Ensure to specify the description in the Check In dialog box. Your project is then added to SharePoint.


    In the Collaborate menu, you can find the following options:

    • Get latest revision Provides the latest revision of files from SharePoint.
    • Refresh status View the check in or check out status of files.


    If you are working behind an enterprise firewall, whitelist the following URLs:

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