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View Aero Experiences FAQ

What are app clips? 

An ‘app clip’ is a lightweight version of an app that lets users experience some of the app’s functionality without needing to download and install the full app. Aero provides a lightweight viewer as an app clip.

App Clip Card
App Clip Card

Do viewers need to install the Aero app to view content shared with Aero? 

Viewers do not need to install an app. Viewers on recent iOS devices can view content in the Aero app clip without needing to install an app first. 

Viewers who launch (or “invoke”) the app clip using one of the supported invocations are presented with an app clip card on their screen and can proceed to open the experience in the Aero app clip.

How will users launch my shared Aero experience in the Aero app clip? 

We support a range of invocations.

App clips can be launched via:

  • Using the device’s camera to scan a QR code

  • Links in the Safari browser 

  • links sent with iMessage

  • NFC tags

Is viewing my content supported in the Aero app clip? 

Yes – the Aero app clip supports viewing of all the same content that is supported in the Aero app. 

How long will viewers have to wait before they can see my AR Content?

After the app clip is launched, the experience downloads until it's ready to play. Once the visible assets are downloaded, viewers are prompted to place the experience. The waiting time will depend on the viewer’s network connection and the size of the experience. 

Is there a maximum size on app clip experiences? 

There is no enforced limit. For fast loading we recommend keeping experiences under 50MB (the smaller the better).

Can I customize the iOS app clip cards with Aero?

No. Currently we can only offer custom app clip cards to specific partners. We hope to expand the ability to customize app clip cards for more users soon. 

Can I customize the launch card inside the Aero app clip? 

Yes. You can customize the contents of the launch card. The launch card will be populated with the thumbnail, title and author entered in the share window in the Aero mobile app or Aero desktop beta. 

App Clip Share Settings
App Clip Share Settings

App Clip Launch Card
App Clip Launch Card

Can I create AR content in the Aero app clip?

No. The app clip is a viewing experience only. To create content please install the full Aero app.

Can Adobe Aero help me publish my own app clips? 

Authors can publish Aero AR experiences using the Aero app clip. Authors seeking to publish app clips attached to their own apps will need to publish their own applications to the App Store. 

How can I test my experience through an app clip? 

Due to how app clips work you cannot have the Aero app clip and the full version of Aero installed at the same time on a device. If you want to test your experience through Aero’s app clip you will need to ensure the full version of Aero is not installed on the mobile device you're viewing the experience with. 

Are app clips stored on my iOS device? 

Yes. App clips have a maximum size of 10MB and are downloaded and stored on your device for 30 days. Downloading the full version of Aero will automatically remove the app clip or you can manually remove the app clip anytime by going to Settings > App Clips (this setting is not visible unless you have an app clip installed) 

Are app clips supported on Android? 

App clips are not supported on Android but an equivalent Android instant app feature is coming soon.


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