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Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Team Projects.

The October 2018 release of Team Projects (version 2.0) offers the ability to invite groups and individual collaborators, with suggestions for people and groups and auto-completion of search results, and user interface and performance improvements.


Team Projects version 2.0.1 fixes issues found in the latest version of Team Projects. This update is recommended for all users. Projects saved in Team Projects 2.0.1 are compatible with Team Projects 2.0.

For more information on the bugs fixed in this version of Team Projects, see Fixed issues.

Improved invitations

When adding collaborators to a team project, a drop-down list appears with most recently invited people. As you type, suggestions are provided based on collaborators that you have invited before. Suggestions can also be provided of individuals or groups from your organizational address book if you are part of an Enterprise that has synced their Active Directory with the Adobe Admin console. The nature of these groups is static. The invitation is sent individually to every member of the group. If you want to add a collaborator to the group, add that person manually.

Group invitations for collaborators
Group invitations for collaborators

You can now invite groups along with individual collaborators. If you are part of an Enterprise that has synced groups from their Active Directory with the Adobe Admin console, then typing the name of a group in the Team Projects invitations entry field returns group suggestions. 

You can get auto-complete of search results as you type individual or group names, suggestions of people, and groups. 

Search results as you type
Search results as you type

For more information, see Collaborate with Team Projects.

Usability enhancement

When you launch Premiere Pro or After Effects, Adobe checks your entitlement for Team Projects service. The New Team Project and Open Team Projects options are disabled if you do not have entitlement for Team Projects service.


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