CEF integration in Dreamweaver

Integrated Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) with Dreamweaver to control resource loading, navigation, context menus, and more.

Dreamweaver is now integrated with the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), an open source framework based on the Google Chromium project. This integration enables Dreamweaver to control resource loading, navigation, context menus, printing and more, while taking advantage of the same performance and HTML5 technologies available in the Google Chrome Web browser.

Dreamweaver is integrated with CEF3 (version 2357), which is a multi-process implementation using asynchronous messaging to communicate between Dreamweaver and one or more rendering processes (Webkit + V8 engine). CEF3 uses Chromium’s official Chromium content API and thus provides performance similar to Google Chrome. Live view can render CSS3 3D transitions,animations and transformations.

Codec formats supported in Live view

Video Audio
VP3 (aka Theora open-source project)
h264 OR MPEG-4 Part 10 OR AVC (Advanced Video Coding) wav
ogg Vorbis
ogv AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
pcm_u8 (Pulse Code Modulation, Unsigned 8-bits)
pcm_s16le (Pulse Code Modulation, Signed, 16-bits Little-Endian)
pcm_s24le (Pulse Code Modulation, Signed, 24-bits Little-Endian)
  pcm_f32le (Pulse Code Modulation, Float, 32-bits Little-Endian)
  pcm_s16be (Pulse Code Modulation, Signed, 16-bits Big-Endian)
  pcm_s24be (Pulse Code Modulation, Signed, 24-bits Big-Endian)

Unsupported codec formats: VP8, pcm_mulaw, and pcm_alaw codec formats are not supported in Live view

Code for inserting HTML5 audio/video

The code that gets inserted in Dreamweaver when you add add a source to HTML5 audio/video tags is changed. When you select the source from Property Inspector, the "type" attribute in the <source> tag is no longer added.

The code that will be inserted is as shown below:

HTML5 audio:

<audio controls>
  <source src="../Cadbury.mp3">
  <source src="../Cadbury.wav">

HTML5 video:

<video controls>
  <source src="../H264-big_buck_bunny.mp4">
  <source src="../big_buck_bunny.ogg">


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