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Account and submission guidelines

Review this need-to-know info before submitting your content to Adobe Stock. 

Account requirements

Be at least 18. 

You must be 18 years old or older to submit content to Adobe Stock. 

Set up an Adobe ID. 

You’ll need to create an Adobe ID or use an existing Adobe ID to access the Contributor portal. When creating your ID, be sure to choose the correct country of residence because, once you do, you won’t be able to change it. 

Submit a tax form. 

We want to get your tax withholding right, so please submit a form when you set up your account. Learn more

Agree to the terms. 

To sell content on Adobe Stock, you need to accept the terms of our Contributor Agreement and promise (among other things) that your content won’t violate anyone’s privacy or rights. 

Submit signed release forms. 

You may need to get permission from people before you can depict them or their property in your stock content. See Model releases, Property releases, and Known image restrictions for more details. 

Follow the law and Adobe’s rules. 

You must follow local and federal laws when creating and submitting content to Adobe Stock. Do not submit illegal content. You also need to submit required releases and follow all of the rules in your Adobe Contributor Agreement. 

Follow the rules on nudity. 

For submissions containing nudity that has artistic value, the model must be at least 18 years old and the model release must include the model's photo ID so we can verify age. Never submit any sexually explicit, pornographic, or immoral material, including material that sexualizes minors. 

Be thoughtful for submissions depicting children.

For submissions depicting children, the content must be age-appropriate, non-sexualized and non-exploitative.  Content featuring children will be reviewed under strict guidelines and content that is determined to be sexualized, exploitative, or abusive  will be removed.  Adobe has the right to remove files from Adobe Stock that violates these rules or otherwise has a high potential for abuse.

Leave out personal information. 

Don’t embed your personal or company logos, watermark, name, tracking information, or other personal information in the content itself. 

Multiple Accounts

You may create more than one contributor account if you wish to track different asset types in separate accounts, e.g., video submissions versus image submissions, or generative AI submissions versus traditional photos or illustrations. Also, if your account gets close to an online portfolio of 1 million assets, we recommend to open a new account.

We don’t permit multiple account creations to submit similar or identical content to inflate sales, or to bypass upload limits for generative AI content.

Content ownership

Understand ownership rights.

Submitting your content to Adobe Stock doesn't change your ownership rights, subject to the license you grant us in the Contributor Agreement. 

Understand copyright.

You must own or control all the rights to the files you submit to Adobe Stock. Don’t submit files that don’t belong to you, such as photos taken by your spouse. Don’t incorporate anything into your content that was created by someone else — not even images you got from a website that allows free downloads — unless you have a complete property release from the owner of the other content. 

Prohibited activities

We have the highest standards for our contributors and content. Here are some activities that could result in warnings, account suspension, and/or account termination: 

  • Submitting generative AI content created using prompts containing other artist names, or created using prompts otherwise intended to copy another artist.
  • Submitting content you got from a website that allows free downloads, such as Unsplash or Pixabay 
  • Content spamming (i.e., sending multiple submissions of identical or almost identical files) 
  • Using irrelevant keywords or titles  
  • Purchasing your own content to increase sales rank and boost search results 
  • Copying other artists’ files or keywords
  • Submitting public-domain content 
  • Submitting content created by other artists, including content available as a free download at any location 
  • Submitting content that’s partially based on the work of other artists 
  • Submitting infringing, illegal, or pornographic content
  • Submitting material that sexualizes minors. 

Note: Adobe has the right to accept or reject content, remove files from Adobe Stock, or block or terminate Contributor accounts for any reason.

Closing your account

If you decide to close your account, contact our Contributor Support team for help if you need it. 


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Adobe MAX 2024

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Oct 14–16 Miami Beach and online