Create anchor links in Adobe XD

Learn how to create anchor links to improve navigational experience within an artboard.

Adobe XD gives you the ability to create anchor links while prototyping and helps you scroll to specific sections on an artboard. Use anchor links for quicker navigation and improved usability when designing a long page form, or a lengthy text article.

Anchor links
Improved navigational experience within an artboard

Do you want to mock up your scrolling experience by quickly navigating to specific sections on an artboard? Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Switch to Prototype mode. Select the object on the artboard that you want to add an anchor link.

  2. Drag the prototyping wire down your artboard until you get to the point where you want to link to.

  3. Click the prototyping wire to view the Interaction panel that appears in Property Inspector with the following options:

    • Trigger: Set to Tap.
    • Action Type: Set to Scroll To. Do you want to assign multiple actions on a single trigger? Read this article for more information.
    • Destination: Select the destination layer.
    • Y-offset: Enter the y-offset value that is relative to the top of the wired object. Drag the y-offset handle to the left of the artboard and observe that the y-offset value changes. Any value above the wired object is a negative offset and below is a positive offset.
    • Easing: Select an option to simulate easing effects. For example, select Ease-Out to ease-out your animations from your prototype.
    • Duration: Enter the time duration. The maximum duration you can set between two transitioning artboards is 5 s.

    A. Select the trigger type B. Select action type to Scroll To C. Select the destination artboard D. Enter the Y-Offset value E. Select easing effects F. Enter the duration 

  4. To preview the scrolling effect on your artboard, click

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"Use anchor links to create an adorable landing page for an animal book with a back to top interaction". Says Howard Pinksy, Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe.

Watch this video for more information. 

Viewing time: 3 minutes

Now that you know how to create anchor links, download the sample UI kit that has several examples of single-page web designs and try them yourself.

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We've got you started with adding navigation links in your design. Take a step forward and learn how to add multiple interactions using voice commands and playbacks to your design.

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