How to fix Premiere Pro crash issues

Unable to open Premiere Pro? Does Premiere Pro crash, freeze, or become unresponsive? We’re here to help! Try these common troubleshooting steps.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud Diagnostics (Beta)

The Adobe Creative Cloud Diagnostics (Beta) tool can help you check your GPU driver's compatibility and provide other troubleshooting recommendations.

Other troubleshooting steps

If there are no driver compatibilities, try these to identify the root cause of your issue:

  1. Check current and trending known issues resulting in app to crash on launch.
  2. Update to the latest Premiere Pro version that provides better product stability as we fix product issues.
    Update Premiere Pro now.
  3. Force quit and restart Premiere Pro or restart your computer to resolve a system issue. 
  4. Backup and reset your preferences.  
  5. On Windows? Check your Windows 10 build number and make sure your system is updated to build number 1903.

Other launch/crash issues

Launch Premiere Pro but no splash screen appears?

  1. Check if any instance of the app is running in the background. If so, force quit it using Activity Monitor (macOS) or Task Manager (Windows).
  2. Launch Premiere Pro again.
  3. If Premiere Pro still does not launch, try resetting preferences or clearing the media cache to fix this issue.

Does Premiere Pro hang on the splash screen?

Premiere Pro getting stuck while loading a plug-in
Premiere Pro getting stuck while loading a plug-in

If Premiere Pro gets stuck on the splash screen, take a closer look at the splash screen and check if the app is frozen while loading a specific plugin.

If that is the case, removing the plug-in can fix the problem. 

  1. 检查 MediaCore 文件夹,验证已安装的增效工具是否与 Premiere Pro 兼容。

    在 Windows 上,这些文件位于:


    在 macOS 上,这些文件位于:

    Macintosh HD⁩/ ⁨Library⁩/⁨Application Support⁩/Adobe⁩/⁨Common⁩/⁨Plug-ins⁩/⁨7.0⁩/MediaCore。

  2. 暂时将增效工具从此位置移动到任何其他文件夹,并检查 Premiere Pro 在未安装第三方增效工具的情况下是否可以正常工作。如果问题得到解决,请更新增效工具,或联系增效工具供应商以获取兼容版本。

Premiere Pro crashing when you open a specific project?

If you suspect that your project file has a problem, try importing it into a new project.

  1. Click File > New > Project or click New Project on the home screen.

    Then, go to Window > Workspaces and deselect Import Workspace from Projects.

    Deselecting Import Workspace from Projects
    Deselecting Import Workspace from Projects

  2. Click File > Import and navigate to the project file and try to import it.

    You can choose to import the entire project, or just import selected sequences. 

    Options while importing a project
    Options while importing a project

Windows Visual C ++ Libraries not updated?

Sometimes Premiere Pro on Windows does not launch properly if there is an issue with Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries.

If you get error code: 0xc000007b, try updating your Visual C++ Libraries from Microsoft.

Premiere Pro still crashing?

As a last resort, if you are unable to resolve this problem, try reverting back to a previous version of the app.

For more information, see Install previous versions of your Creative Cloud apps.

Need more help?

If you're not able to fix the issue and need help, you can share information about your crash issue and crash log to help Adobe resolve the issue for you. For more information, see How to submit crash reports for Digital Video applications.

You can also participate in our support community to find answers to some common questions or issues or share your ideas. We'd love to hear from you!

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