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  Photoshop Camera end of support

Photoshop Camera is discontinued on iOS and Android devices and is no longer available for download. Adobe ended official support for existing users starting on May 1, 2024. If you're a current user of Photoshop Camera, you can continue to use the app if it's already installed on your device until June 4, 2024. The Photoshop Camera lenses you love have been migrated to Photoshop Express.

For additional information on the app discontinuation, see Photoshop Camera | End of support FAQ.

Learn how to save your photo edits and easily share to social channels.

With Photoshop Camera, it is easy to share your creatives on popular social platforms and show off your unique style. Let the world see your unique creative photography style as you create a buzz with your social feed. 

Save to PsC Studio and Camera Roll

Photoshop Camera Studio or PsC Studio is the default view in the All Photos gallery. PsC Studio serves as a temporary workspace used to edit your photos and apply various lens effects.

A photo captured in Photoshop Camera gets saved to your PsC Studio directly and not on your device's camera roll. Any photo available in PsC Studio retains the power of being edited again and again as the applied lens effects are saved as layers.

To explicitly save a photo to camera roll, do the following:

  1. Tap the save () icon in the refine screen. 

  2. In the screen that opens, select a suitable crop or resize option for your photo before saving.


    For now, resizing options are not available on Android. Simply tap the save icon to save your photo in your Android device's Albums.

  3. (iOS only) Tap Save to camera roll. Tap the cancel () icon in the top left corner to exit the save operation and go back to the refine screen.

Once you save a photo to your Camera roll or Albums, it is removed from the PsC Studio. To be able to experiment with various lens effects on a photo, make sure your photo is still saved in PsC. Save your photo to camera roll or albums once you're satisfied with your edits.

Tap the download icon to save your edited photo in Photoshop Cameral
Tap the download icon to save your edited photo in Photoshop Camera

Save your edited photos to PsC Studio and Camera Roll (iOS)/ Albums (Android)
Save your edited photos to PsC Studio and Camera Roll (iOS)/ Albums (Android)

Supported file types for export

For now, Photoshop Camera can export or save in JPEG and MOV file formats. 

Share to social channels

Imagine you could take a photo on your camera and share it on social channels in a moment! Photoshop Camera lets you do exactly that and makes it easier to express yourself in different ways.

To share your Photoshop Camera creatives, tap the share () icon in the refine screen. Select a destination to share your creatives. 

Choose a destination to share your creative photos
Choose a destination to share your creative photos

Still have questions?

Unleash your creativity with Photoshop Camera. We would love to see your creatives on social media platforms. 


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