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If you have a Professional or Enterprise account, you can use the DPS App Builder to create your own version of the Adobe Content Viewer for the iPad. The ability to build your own custom Content Viewer is especially useful when a new version of the Folio Producer tools becomes available but the Adobe Content Viewer is awaiting Apple approval.

If you sign in using an Enterprise account, you can create an Enterprise signed app that you can distribute within your company. If you don’t create an Enterprise signed app, the Adobe Content Viewer is available only on iPads in which the device IDs (UDIDs) are specified in the developer mobileprovision file. In this case, it's best to use a mobileprovision file not used by another development app to avoid conflicts. For information on creating mobileprovision files, see the Publishing Companion Guide for the iPad PDF.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial
<a href="">Create a Custom Content Viewer</a>
Colin Fleming

  1. Sign in to the DPS App Builder using a Professional or Enterprise account.

  2. In the DPS App Builder, click New, and then select iPad and click Next.

  3. For Viewer Version, choose Adobe Content Viewer. Click Next.

  4. Do either of the following, and then click Next:

    • (Professional) Specify the developer mobileprovision file. To avoid conflicts, create a mobileprovision file not used by a different developer app.

    • (Enterprise) If you select Enterprise Signed Build, specify the Intended Application ID (such as “com.publisher.viewer”) and Enterprise Mobileprovision file. Use the same Intended Application ID that you used on the Apple Developer site to create the Enterprise Mobileprovision file. For information on enterprise-signed apps, see Creating an enterprise signed iPad viewer app.

  5. Click Next, and follow the prompts.

  6. Download and sign the Adobe Content Viewer.

  7. If necessary, make the Adobe Content Viewer (content-viewer.ipa) available for distribution.

To install the Adobe Content Viewer, drag the content-viewer.ipa file into your iTunes library, and then sync your iPad.

It isn’t necessary to delete the App Store version of the Adobe Content Viewer. You can have different versions of the Adobe Content Viewer on your iPad. In fact, you can sign in to the two different viewers using different accounts.

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