When you try to log in to the Adobe Content Viewer app on a device, the error, "Authentication Failed" appears. The login and password used is valid, as proven by your ability to log in to the DPS Dashboard.


Adobe is actively investigating this issue to understand its root cause, scope, and proper resolution. Check back at this page for updates.

Until Adobe has a complete approach to solving this issue, there are workarounds that the Adobe Technical Support team can implement.

If you are a member of an organization that has a DPS contract, log in to the DPS Dashboard. Then,  click Contact Support & Manage Gold Support in the Learning Resources section on the landing page. If you do not see that information, your Adobe ID is not linked with your organization's contract. Contact someone in your organization who is, and get the contact information from them.

If you are not involved with a DPS contract, visit the Contact Support and Customer Service page. Use the information there to request technical assistance. Inform the agent you reach about this KnowledgeBase article, and ask them to escalate you to the dedicated DPS Technical Support team.

Note: If the Adobe ID you can't log in with has ever been used as the "Title ID" in a multifolio DPS app, there could be serious consequences to using the solution for non-Application role accounts. So, inform the agent that your account was used as an App Title (or publishing account). You will be escalated to our highest levels of support and product engineering to review your case carefully before any changes are made.

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