Bugs fixed in July 2018 release of Premiere Pro (version 12.1.2)

Use this document for a list of bug fixes in the July 2018 release (version 12.1.2) release of Premiere Pro.

Bugs fixed in July 2018 (version 12.1.2) release


  • Crash when a Team Project is opened in After Effects that contains a Premiere Pro Sequence
  • Intermittent crashes when updating comp edited in After Effects
  • Copying and pasting a merged clip from one project to another can trigger a null pointer exception.
  • Crash when changing audio channels on merged clips and loading into the source panel.
  • Crash when importing specific ALE files.
  • Playhead hangs for ripple trim in trim mode with transmit and second monitor attached.
  • (Mac only) Import of AVCHD file outside of spanned folder results in period of not responding & audio conform error
  • Creating edits for files modified from the Essential Sound changes, can cause Premiere Pro to crash
  • Crashing issue with late-model Intel CPUs with the Lumetri Scopes panel (Windows 7)
  • Crash when untrimming audio clip accidentally overlapped in imported Audition mixdown
  • Closing Premiere Pro after queueing a render can cause Adobe Media Encoder to crash
  • Issue with importing some ProRes file types

Merging clips

  • Issue with Paste Merged Clip to another project.
  • Merged Clips can now be opened as sequences
  • Issue with deleting search bin containing Merged Clips
  • Issue with modified audio channels in Merged Clips.


File format support

  • Issues with audio/video file importing, including H264 AV (Mac OSX 10.11) and ProRes
  • QuickTime files with Alpha Channel flickers during Playback in Mac OS X High Sierra
  • Import issue with some Elgato CFR, DNxHD OP Atom MXF, DJI HEVC files
  • Audio playback issues with Filmic Pro files when app is backgrounded.
  • Error rendering with XDCAM sources in an MXF wrapper
  • SLog-3 the colors now match Sony RAW Viewer
  • Color shift issue with Cinema DNG file shot from DJI INSPIRE ZENMUSE X5R
  • Some QuickTime-wrapped XDCAMHD 422 files are offline on Mac OSX 10.11
  • iPhone H.264 .mov files captured via "Moments" import as audio-only


  • Issues with Sequence Markers in Source Monitor, and Marker behavior between Timeline and Source Monitor, including multi-cam sequences.
  • Markers issues when duplicating a clip or moving clips from to a new Project.


  • Project Panel search bin is dimmed and is not enabled
  • Project location switches to the temp directory when dragging sequences from Premiere Pro to Adobe Media Encoder
  • Duplication issues when moving clips and folders
  • Issues with Project and media files between Windows to MacOS
  • Issues with custom track colors when moved between project
  • Issues with Reveal in Project behaviors


  • Open Captions decoding missing from decode list
  • Incorrect positioning for imported EBU stl file with open subtitles
  • Closed Captions STL issues with currency signs
  • Export Caption XML uses non-specification conforming tags
  • Issues with creation and revision dates for Exported STL sidecar files
  • Crash where user clicked "+" button on the Captions pane when all existed sub-captions are cleared by "-" button


  • Issue where creating project after saving a previous project triggers New Default Workspaces dialog
  • Workspaces save now correctly with the project
  • Tools panel too wide in default Editing workspace preset (Windows only)


  • Audio tracks incorrectly display as muted, after re-opening a project.
  • Volume issues when flattening some trimmed multi-cam clip with mono audio
  • Issue where Auto Ducking keyframes could cause a crash
  • Issues with Render and replace audio only (MacOS)
  • Playback issues with some audio clips after exporting
  • Audio Preferences changes not retained after relaunch
  • Audio Previews not saved to location specified.
  • Default audio levels for XML roundtrip workflows and AAF exports
  • Waveform display issues, including Multicam clips
  • Issues with effects rendering for AAF
  • Issue with importing track volume keyframes in AAF files

Playback and rendering

  • Artifact issues when using Video limiter
  • Interlacing artifact issues when exporting projects with OpenCL renderer
  • Dropped frames when switching from Half Res to Full Res playback
  • Artifact issues with Kona 4 video I/O when sending HDR images to HDMI monitor
  • Media Encoder now displays all LUT/Look options for rendering

Color tools

  • Scale to frame size now generates correct aspect ratio for image analysis
  • Issue where Color Match applied color adjustments to last keyframe only
  • Color Match now only applies matching algorithms to visible part of cropped image
  • Reference images with transparency no longer show ghosted Current image
  • Issues with Basic Correction to HDR images used as Reference image for Color Match
  • Ripple Trim Previous Edit to Playhead now displays correct frame

General fixes

  • Timecode issues with some EDL exports
  • Start Screen objects and UI load time
  • Issue with missing fonts
  • Eyedropper tool works correctly with floating panels.
  • Timecode entry beyond 24 hours
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