Single Sign-On implementation guide

Learn to use the Adobe Admin Console to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with your Identity provider and troubleshoot setup-related problems.

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Set up a new SSO integration. Learn more.

Manage an existing SSO setups. Learn more.

Resolve errors and find answers to common questions. Learn more.


See identity types to learn about and compare the available identity types and to choose one that best suits your organization.

Set up a new SSO integration

If you haven't chosen an identity provider, we recommend Microsoft Azure AD connector or Google connector. Both connectors provide automated user management and license provisioning workflows to set up SSO in just a few minutes.

Microsoft Azure


Set up SAML-based SSO

Integrate with any standard SAML-compliant Identity Provider (IdP).


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Resolve errors and find answers to common questions

Find FAQs and resolutions for some common problems while working with SSO integrations. Also, learn how to troubleshoot some common errors encountered by users trying to sign in or use their assigned apps.

Microsoft Azure



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Manage existing SSO setup

Learn how to use your SSO integration to provide access to users. Also, learn how to change your identity provider without disrupting your user's access to apps and assets.

Learn how to manage your domains and directories:

Learn how to change your identity provider:

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Ask the experts on our community

Search for additional solutions or ask Admins from other organizations and get help to set up SSO and manage users on our Enterprise and Teams community.

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