Adobe Stock video loops are the perfect asset to bring your pitch presentations to life.

Find a video loop

On Adobe Stock, click the Videos tab in the navigation bar. From there, search for “video loops.”

If you’re looking for a video loop to use as a background or transition and want to match a specific brand color, you can search for backgrounds and textures using keywords such as “gradient,” “texture,” or even “transition.”

You can also search by using keywords based on the brand thematic or presentation topic, such as “cities,” “aerials,” “retail,” or “time-lapse.”

Hover over any image in your search results to see a preview of the video loop.

Download the clip

Once you’ve found your perfect clip, click the Buy License button to purchase a license and download the clip directly to your computer.

Add the video loop to PowerPoint

Once in PowerPoint, go to Insert tab, select video > Movie from File and navigate to your download folder.

Adjust the scale so that it covers your entire slide. You may need to crop the video if your aspect ratios don’t match perfectly.

Set to autoplay

In PowerPoint’s Animations tab, select your video background and click the Play button to set it to autoplay, so the background seamlessly animates when presented.

You can also choose alternative animations and triggers to play your Adobe Stock video loop based on when you want it triggered.

Adobe Stock video loops can be added to your deck before or after you’ve designed the remainder of your presentation. Simply add your text and deck content, and your pitch presentation is ready to be shared!

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more video loops you can use in your next project.


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