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Attend Adobe Connect Events

  1. Adobe Connect User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's New in Adobe Connect
    2. Adobe Connect meeting room basics
    3. Adobe Connect Capabilities in HTML Client
    4. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    5. Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements
    6. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
  3. Adobe Connect Meeting
    1. Start, attend, and manage Adobe Connect meetings and sessions
    2. Host and Presenter Area in Adobe Connect
    3. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    4. Adobe Connect pre-meeting diagnostic test
    5. Adobe Connect Central home page
    6. Share content during an Adobe Connect meeting
    7. Update and manage Adobe Connect meetings
    8. View meeting reports and analytics data
    9. Notes, chat, Q&A, polls, and quiz in Adobe Connect meeting
    10. Accessibility features in Adobe Connect
    11. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
    12. Create virtual meeting rooms and arrange layouts
    13. Breakout rooms in Adobe Connect meetings
    14. Manage meeting attendees in Adobe Connect
  4. Adobe Connect administration and maintenance
    1. Enabling Adobe Connect HTML client
    2. Enabling single sign-on in Adobe Connect
    3. Change the timeout period
    4. Configure audio providers for Universal Voice
    5. Create and import users and groups in Adobe Connect
    6. Enhance Adobe Connect account security
    7. Generate usage reports in Adobe Connect Central
    8. Administer and manage Adobe Connect accounts
    9. Manage users and groups
    10. Set permissions for library files and folders
    11. Back up user data, database, and settings of Adobe Connect server
    12. Build custom reports from Adobe Connect database
    13. Maintain disk space and clean cache on an Adobe Connect server
    14. Manage and monitor Adobe Connect server logs
    15. Start and stop Adobe Connect services
  5. Adobe Connect Events
    1. About Adobe Connect Events
    2. Manage Adobe Connect Events
    3. Attend Adobe Connect Events
    4. Create and edit Adobe Connect Events
  6. Adobe Connect Training and Seminars
    1. About Adobe Connect courses and curriculum for training
    2. Conduct trainings with Adobe Connect
    3. Create and manage seminars
    4. Create training courses in Adobe Connect
    5. Create and manage training curriculum in Adobe Connect
    6. About Virtual Classrooms in Adobe Connect
    7. Adobe Connect reports to monitor training features
    8. Participate in Adobe Connect training sessions and meetings
    9. Closed captioning in Adobe Connect
  7. Audio and video conferencing in Adobe Connect
    1. Audio in Adobe Connect meetings
    2. Record and play back Adobe Connect meetings
    3. Video in Adobe Connect meetings
  8. Manage user content in Adobe Connect
    1. View reports and usage information about uploaded content
    2. Work with content in the Content library
    3. Work with Adobe Connect library files and folders


Learn how to register for and attend the Events hosted on Adobe Connect.

Attending an Adobe Connect event is similar to attending an Adobe Connect meeting, seminar, or training session. The main difference is that attendees must register before joining an event.

Register for and join Events

Adobe Connect events require registration, though not all registrations require an approval. You can register for and join an event in the following ways:

  • If an event host invites you by providing your email, you receive an email containing links to the various Event Pages. Register and login using these links. If configured, you can also register and join using your Facebook or Google+ login.

  • To allow for simplified event registration, you can create events that do not require a password. Non-registered users can attend such events using just their email address. Users who are already registered on your Adobe Connect server, must enter their user name and password to attend an event. To enable this feature, select the Register Without Password option when creating an event. It helps non-registered, guest users log in easily by entering their email address.

  • If necessary, a join button can be introduced in the template of registration email confirmation message by an Event Administrator. After a user registers for an Event, they receive an email with a link to attend the Event. The link is associated with a join button. Instead of the entire personalized link the registrant sees a personalized join button. The button auto-populates the login name with the email ID when attempting to attend the Event.

  • If the event is listed on a public website (typically when it is open to the website visitors), you click the registration link to access the registration form. To register, provide the requisite information. You can also use your social login (Facebook or Google+), if hosts provide the option.


The option to use social profiles to register and log in is available only on hosted offering of Adobe Connect and not on the on-premise deployments.

Option to register and log in via social accounts
Option to register and log in via social accounts

  • Then, depending on the way the event was created, you may receive a notification email that provides your status (pending, approved, or denied) and a link to join the event. The link can be personalized to auto-populate the attendees login name with the email ID when attempting to attend the Event. Besides the link, the email can also contain dial-in telephone number and participant code that you use to phone in, if appropriate.

    In addition, email invitation may contain a calendar invite in an iCal format. You can add it in your email client or organizers that support iCal format.

  • If you are an Adobe Connect user and the event was created in the same Adobe Connect account as yours, the event also appears in Adobe Connect Central. Join it from your Adobe Connect calendar. For more information, see Enter a scheduled event from Adobe Connect Central.

Adobe recommends

Event Registration

Adobe Systems Inc.

Opt-out from engagement tracking

When participants opt-out of engagement tracking, Adobe Connect does not provide non-explicitly submitted information to Event Hosts. Engagement index and private chat message count are excluded when reporting event meeting information.

The participants can opt-out during registration. Participants can opt-out only after joining an Adobe Connect session (a Meeting, a Virtual Classroom, a Seminar, or an Event). The opt-out option is available in the in-meeting notifier, in the upper-right corner of the meeting room.

In-meeting notifier with the option to opt-out of and a link to know more about engagement tracking.
In-meeting notifier with the option to opt-out of and a link to know more about engagement tracking.

Enter a scheduled event from Adobe Connect Central

If you are an Adobe Connect user, an event is created in the same Adobe Connect account as yours, and you register for the event, the link to join the event also appears in Adobe Connect Central. To join such an event:

  1. Log in to Adobe Connect account. On the Home tab, click My Calendar.
  2. In the calendar, navigate to the date of the Event and click the date.

  3. Under Details, locate the event you want to enter and click Open.

    If you have not registered yet or need approval, you may need to log in, enter your password, and complete the registration form.


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