Create or update your Adobe account

Learn how to create an Adobe account or change the email address associated with your account.

How to create your Adobe account

You can create your Adobe account by using your social account (Google, Facebook, or Apple) or by using your email address.

Create an Adobe account using your social account

  1. Select Create an account.

    Create a new Adobe account

  2. Select your preferred social account (Google, Facebook, or Apple). 

    Create a new Adobe account

     If your social account is registered through a phone number, you're prompted to provide an email address when setting up your Adobe account. This email then gets linked to your Adobe account.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your Adobe account.

Create an Adobe account using your email address

  1. Select Create an account.

    Create a new Adobe account

  2. Enter your email address and password, and then select Continue.

    Create a new Adobe account

  3. Enter your details, and then select Done.

    Enter your details

    You've successfully created your Adobe account.

    Ensure that you verify your email address by clicking the link received from Adobe.


Now that you have your Adobe account set up, try the Adobe Account Access app. It allows you to sign in easily and securely to your Adobe account, without having to enter your password.

How to change the email address associated with your Adobe account

You can change the email address associated with your Adobe account if you've entered an incorrect email address or if you want to use a new primary email address.


You can't change the email address if you created your Adobe account using your social account.

  1. In the Account information and access section, select Change next to Primary email.

    Click "Change" next to Primary email (Adobe ID)

  2. Confirm the new primary email address that you want to associate with your Adobe account. 

    Adobe sends you an email to inform you about the change. If you don’t receive the email, see Didn’t receive expected email from Adobe.

Teams user? If you're a part of an Adobe teams account (not an Adobe individual customer), reach out to your Adobe admin to change the primary email on your account.

How to manage multiple Adobe accounts

We recommend creating a single Adobe account to manage all your subscriptions with Adobe. Creating multiple Adobe accounts will lead to overlapping or duplicate subscriptions. If you accidentally created multiple Adobe accounts, delete your duplicate accounts and retain only one Adobe account that you'll be using in the future. 

Once you've signed up for a subscription:

  • You cannot transfer it to another Adobe account.
  • If you wish to consolidate your subscriptions to a single account, cancel the subscription from the account, you'll no longer be using. Once done, sign up for a new subscription with the Adobe account in which you want all your subscriptions to reflect.

If you're unclear about which email address is associated with your membership or a purchased product, sign in to your account and check your account details.

Created your account with an incorrect email address?

If you entered the wrong Adobe account email address, you might get the error message saying "We don't have an account with that email address." when trying to sign in.

Select Get help signing in > Find your account on the sign-in screen, and then follow the instructions.

You can change your Adobe account email address. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app. (Select the   icon in your Windows taskbar or the macOS menu bar.)

  2. Select the Account icon in the upper right, and then select Adobe Account.

    Select the account icon in the upper right

  3. Select Account and security, and then select Account

    Select account from the Account and security dropdown

  4. In the Account information and access section, select Change next to primary email (Adobe ID).

    Select change to update your email address

  5. Select Change to update your primary email (Adobe ID).

    Change primary email

If you still need help with signing in, select the Chat icon   on the lower right, and then select Need help signing in? at the bottom. 

How to update your account details 

Learn how to change your account details, such as your profile name, photo, email, or mobile number.

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