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Adobe Connect Capabilities in HTML Client

  1. Adobe Connect User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's New in Adobe Connect
    2. Adobe Connect meeting room basics
    3. Adobe Connect Capabilities in HTML Client
    4. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    5. Adobe Connect technical specifications and system requirements
    6. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
  3. Adobe Connect Meeting
    1. Adobe Connect meeting room basics
    2. Start, attend, and manage Adobe Connect meetings and sessions
    3. Adobe Connect application for desktop
    4. Adobe Connect pre-meeting diagnostic test
    5. Adobe Connect Central home page
    6. Share content during an Adobe Connect meeting
    7. Update and manage Adobe Connect meetings
    8. View meeting reports and analytics data
    9. Notes, chat, Q&A, and polls in Adobe Connect meeting
    10. Accessibility features in Adobe Connect
    11. Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Connect
    12. Create virtual meeting rooms and arrange layouts
    13. Breakout rooms in Adobe Connect meetings
    14. Manage meeting attendees in Adobe Connect
  4. Adobe Connect administration and maintenance
    1. Enabling Adobe Connect HTML client
    2. Enabling single sign-on in Adobe Connect
    3. Change the timeout period
    4. Configure audio providers for Universal Voice
    5. Create and import users and groups in Adobe Connect
    6. Enhance Adobe Connect account security
    7. Generate usage reports in Adobe Connect Central
    8. Administer and manage Adobe Connect accounts
    9. Manage users and groups
    10. Set permissions for library files and folders
    11. Back up user data, database, and settings of Adobe Connect server
    12. Build custom reports from Adobe Connect database
    13. Maintain disk space and clean cache on an Adobe Connect server
    14. Manage and monitor Adobe Connect server logs
    15. Start and stop Adobe Connect services
  5. Adobe Connect Events
    1. About Adobe Connect Events
    2. Manage Adobe Connect Events
    3. Attend Adobe Connect Events
    4. Create and edit Adobe Connect Events
  6. Adobe Connect Training and Seminars
    1. About Adobe Connect courses and curriculum for training
    2. Conduct trainings with Adobe Connect
    3. Create and manage seminars
    4. Create training courses in Adobe Connect
    5. Create and manage training curriculum in Adobe Connect
    6. About Virtual Classrooms in Adobe Connect
    7. Adobe Connect reports to monitor training features
    8. Participate in Adobe Connect training sessions and meetings
    9. Closed captioning in Adobe Connect
  7. Audio and video conferencing in Adobe Connect
    1. Audio in Adobe Connect meetings
    2. Record and play back Adobe Connect meetings
    3. Video in Adobe Connect meetings
  8. Manage user content in Adobe Connect
    1. View reports and usage information about uploaded content
    2. Work with content in the Content library
    3. Work with Adobe Connect library files and folders


List of capabilities supported in Adobe Connect HTML client for Desktop Browsers.

Adobe Connect HTML client for desktop browsers is now available for Training, Webinar, and Meeting hosts, presenters and participants

Adobe Connect HTML client for desktop browsers supports the following key capabilities. 


Flash Client

HTML Client (10, 10.2 releases)

HTML Client (10.5, 10.6 releases)

HTML Client (10.8, 11 releases)

Chat pod 

Notes pod

Attendee pod

Q&A pod 

Poll pod

File Share pod 

Web Links pod

Video pod - viewing video streams

Video pod - sharing video stream

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Screen Share pod - View Screenshare streams

Screen Share pod - Share Screen

Requires Adobe Connect desktop application

Audio Conferencing - VoIP-based

Audio Conferencing - Phone-based

User status in Meeting client App bar

Meeting room background customization

Workflow to promote participant to presenter/host*



Viewing shared content (images)

Viewing content uploaded to Adobe Connect (PPT, PDF, MP4 videos, MP3, HTML, Captivate)

Coming Soon

Viewing shared content (Whiteboard and annotations)

Coming Soon

Custom Pods Support

Coming Soon

Meeting room customization

Coming Soon

Breakout Room (Participant view)

Breakout Room (Enhanced rights for participants)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Engagement metrics

Enhanced rights for participants

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

User Tips and Guide Hints

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
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