Learn how to work with prototypes in XD.

Adobe XD facilitates easy collaboration between designers and reviewers on shared prototypes. As a reviewer, you can work with the prototypes in the following ways:

What are the prerequisites to work with prototypes?

Reviewers must sign in to comment on a prototype using an Adobe ID. If you are an enterprise user, get in touch with your account administrator to provide permissions and credentials.

To sign in as a guest, click Sign in as a Guest at the bottom of the comments panel. When prompted to provide a name, type a name, and enter the CAPTCHA code.

If you sign in as a guest, comment, end the session (by closing or refreshing the browser), and log in again as a guest, you have no control over the previous comment. On the other hand, if you sign in using your Adobe ID, you can edit your previous comments.

What are the common workflows associated with prototypes?

Interact with prototypes

  • When you open a prototype for review in a browser, you can click user profile icon to view your profile in the XD web application header. 
Interacting with Prototypes
Interacting with Prototypes

A. Support and Feedback B. Notifications C. User Profile 
  • Click the notification bell icon to view all activities/notifications across the prototypes applicable to you. 
  • At any point, if you need any Help or would like to provide feedback, click the question mark icon.
  • At the bottom of prototype, you can click the left and right arrow control buttons to move across the artboards of a prototype. Click Home to go back to the first artboard view. 
Control buttons
Control buttons

A. Home  B. Left arrow C. Right arrow 
  • When you click a comment in browser app, the artboard corresponding to that comment appears on the screen. 
  • To create a more controlled environment for user testing in prototypes with wires, you can hide the pagination and navigation controls in your web prototype. To do so, select Share > Share for Review > Show Navigation Controls when creating links in XD.

If the navigation controls are:

  • Enabled (default setting): prototype web app shows the Home, Back, and Next buttons.
  • Disabled: prototype web app navigation controls and the artboard numbers are not visible. You can use the defined hotspots to interact with prototypes and click the Home button to navigate to the home screen. When you open a prototype in a mobile, you can view the onboarding screen, the left/right chevrons are hidden, and the swipe gesture is disabled.
Disabled navigation controls
Disabled navigation controls

If prototype flows have wires, you can choose to show navigation controls when publishing your prototypes.

Add comments

Reviewers can review the prototypes and share feedback with designers by adding comments on the shared prototypes. The link is always up to date with the latest comments. 

  • The view all screen comments feature in Adobe XD makes it much easier to manage stakeholder feedback in prototypes. Use the All Screen Comments toggle button at the lower-left corner of the commenting panel to list comments added across multiple artboards in a single view. The toggle is turned on by default in a published design specs or prototype link. 
  • The blue highlight on the left indicates comments for current artboard. Clicking a comment set that is not for current artboard takes you to that artboard to set the context first. 
  • The number 3 on top of notification icon on upper-right corner of the commenting panel indicates unresolved comments across multiple artboards.
Commenting features
Commenting features

A. Add a comment B. Unresolved comments C. Current artboard comments D. All Screen Comments toggle button E. Filter comments 
  • You can view all comments in a single list, and click an individual comment to go right to the affected artboard and reply, resolve, or delete the comment.
Commenting features
Commenting features

A. Resolve a comment B. Delete a comment C. Reply to a comment 
  • Use filter icon to filter the comments based on reviewer names, time, or status of comments. 
Filter comments
Filter comments

A. Filter comments by reviewers  B. Filter comments by time  C. Filter comments by status  D. Clear an added filter E. View added filter 
  • You can also play back animations or recordings that are part of any shared prototypes and add your comments as you play them. 
  • Use @mention while adding comments to view the list of other reviewers on a prototype. If you use this option, the other reviewer receives a notification through mail, and from the Creative Cloud desktop application. When the notification is clicked, it directs them to the referenced artboard.

For more information, see Review prototypes

All Screen Comments Toggle
All Screen Comments Toggle

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