Unable to install extensions in Dreamweaver

Issue-1: Unable to retrieve extensions and load user data for below locales on downgrading from Dreamweaver 19.1 to 19.0 or 19.0.1

Issue description

For some locales (listed in the left column of below table), when you create custom data and change app preferences in Dreamweaver version 19.1 and then later downgrade from 19.1 to 19.0 or 19.0.1, changes made to custom data and preferences are not visible in version 19.0 or 19.0.1.

This issue is encountered in the following scenarios:

  • When Dreamweaver 19.1 is uninstalled with option No, keep app preferences assuming user needs to have custom data.
  • On updating Dreamweaver back to 19.1.

Following are the list of locales in which the issue occurs:

Language selected in Creative Cloud desktop app

Actual language bundled in Dw


da_DK en_US
en_AE en_US
en_GB en_US
en_IL en_US
en_XM en_US
es_MX es_ES
fi_FI en_US
fr_CA fr_FR
fr_MA fr_FR
fr_XM fr_FR
hu_HU en_US
uk_UA en_US


  1. Uninstall Dreamweaver 19.1 with No, keep app preferences option and rename the folder for all respective locales listed in the left and right columns of the table.

    For example, en_GB to en_US (applicable for all locales listed in the left side of the table).

  2. This file is available at the following location:

    • On Mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CC 2019
    • On WindowsC:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CC 2019

Issue-2: Unable to install extensions on changing app language in Creative Cloud desktop Application

Issue description

For a selected locale, extensions are not installed on changing the App language in Creative Cloud Desktop Application. This issue occurs on installing Dreamweaver 19.1 with app language preference changed in Creative Cloud desktop application


  1. Uninstall Dreamweaver and wait for the process to complete.

  2. In Adobe Creative Cloud app > Preferences > Creative Cloud > App Language, set the language as per your choice.

    For example, English(International).

  3. Navigate to the drop-down in Creative Cloud app and click three dots next to Profile image and select Check for App Updates. Wait for the applications to complete

  4. Install Dreamweaver now and then install the extensions needed.

Issue-3: Extensions are not listed in ExManCMD tool for 19.0 or 19.0.1 after upgrading to 19.1

Issue description

On running below command, extensions installed for Dreamweaver 19.0 or 19.0.1 are not listed after upgrading to Dreamweaver 19.1 and hence unable to uninstall the extensions through ExManCMD tool.

  • Win: ExManCmd.exe /list all
  • Mac: ./ExManCmd –list all


To uninstall or list the extensions after upgrading to 19.1, perform the steps below:

  1. Execute the install command again for the required extensions through ExManCMD tool or from Adobe Exchange page (sign-in if needed).
  2. Execute the remove or list all command. For all commands available within the ExManCMD tool, see Working from the command line.

All extensions installed post upgrading to Dreamweaver 19.1 are visible in ExManCmd command line and can be uninstalled by running Remove command.


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