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Learn how to quickly set up your Adobe Stock Contributor account.

How to create an account

Follow the steps below or watch our video to see how to create your account and submit your tax form.  Keep in mind that you need to be at least 18 years old to contribute content to Adobe Stock. 

  1. Go to the Adobe Stock Contributor portal

  2. If you don’t yet have a free Adobe ID, click the Join now button and follow the steps to create one. If you do have an Adobe ID, click the Link my Adobe ID button.  

  3. Sign in with your Adobe ID and password. 

  4. Even if you’re not ready to upload assets, click the Upload my first asset button to finish the sign-up process. 

  5. Click Contributor Account at the top of your new account page.  

    1. Edit the display name Adobe Stock customers will see on your Contributor page. You can also adjust your email preferences to your liking.

  6. Click the Add tax information button to fill out and submit your tax form.  

  7. You’re all set! Start submitting your content to Adobe Stock today. 


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