AIR compiler known issues

AIR 13 introduces a redesigned compiled packaging mode. It aims to considerably reduce packaging time, for the same performance experience at runtime. The beta version of the redesigned compiler is currently available to all developers.

Following are the known issues:

Issue 1

While debugging, any changes to the variable's value is not reflected in subsequent executions.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Create an Action Script mobile project in Flash Builder 4.7.
  2. Add a variable and print its value (for example,. var x:int = 10; trace ( x );)
  3. Navigate to Debug Configurations and in the Customize Launch Parameters dialog box, add -useLegacyAOT=no before -provisioning-profile.
  4. Place a breakpoint at the trace statement and start debugging on the device.
  5. After the breakpoint is hit, modify the value of the variable.

The trace statement prints the old value.



Issue 2

The new AIR Compiler is not supported on Windows XP. Using the new compiler on Windows XP throws the error, compile-abc.exe is not a valid win32 application.

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