Make sure your mobile designs look and perform the way you intended by viewing them in real time on actual devices.

Using the Adobe XD mobile app, you can:


Preview prototypes in real time on mobile devices

Preview your designs in real time on a device connected to your Mac system using a USB cable using the Adobe XD on mobile app.

  1. Connect your mobile device to the USB port of the computer running Adobe XD on desktop. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of XD on desktop available on Creative Cloud.


    Ensure that you use USB cables that transfer data. Some USB cables can be used to only charge your devices and cannot transfer data.

  2. Open Adobe XD on your device.

  3. The artboard that is currently selected (or in focus) in Adobe XD on desktop is displayed on your device. All the changes you make to your designs are reflected in real time on your mobile device.

    If you added wires creating interactions in Prototype mode, you can see the interactions work, just like in the Preview window on desktop.


    Fonts are sent to your device when you preview on mobile. However certain font vendors do not allow for the transfer, display, and distribution of their fonts. You are responsible for ensuring that you respect the font license agreement between you and the font vendor.

    While viewing a prototype on mobile, if the required font is not present on your device, you get an alert message. The fonts are substituted with available fonts.

  4. Tap and hold the mobile app screen for more options:

    • Browse artboards: To scroll through all the artboards in your design
    • Share this screen as image: To share a particular artboard as a PNG file through email, Slack, or other channels
    • Hotspot hints: To enable hotspot hints while viewing the prototype.

Preview XD documents stored in Creative Cloud Libraries

You can preview your XD documents by uploading them to your Creative Cloud Files folder.

  1. Make sure that your XD document is saved and synced in your Creative Cloud Files folder on your desktop.

  2. Open Adobe XD on your mobile device.

  3. Go to XD Documents.

    You can see all the XD documents in your Creative Cloud Files folder in your app listed according to the latest modified files. You can search for files by filename, then sort them in ascending or descending order (alphabetical or last modified). After you find the file you want, tap on it to view the file.

  4. While previewing, long press the screen to access the prototype options:

    • Browse artboards: To search and jump to the desired artboards in your design.
    • Share this screen as image: To share a particular artboard as a PNG file through email, social media, or any other sharing option provided by your device.
  5. After you have reviewed the design in your mobile app, you can share the prototype with reviewers. 

    Before sharing the prototype, make sure that you have the hotspot hints are turned on. Tap and hold the mobile screen, and enable Hotspot Hints

  6. Share the prototype link with others through email, social media, or any other sharing option provided by your device. Tap and hold the mobile screen, and press Share Prototype Link.


    You can share a prototype only if it has been shared at least once before using the XD desktop application.

Delete downloaded XD files from your device

To control the storage space on your mobile device, you can delete downloaded files, by tapping Settings > Preferences.

Here you can view the amount of local space used, and then tap Remove Offline Documents to delete XD documents downloaded to your device.

You can also remove individual files by selecting the file and disabling the Available offline Option. 

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