Working with Custom Platform Support Plug-in

Custom Platform Support plug-ins extend the Animate functionality to platforms that Animate does not support by default. Installing a custom platform support plug-in allows you to create graphics and animation in Animate and publish them the format that the plug-in supports. You can take advantage of the powerful graphics and animation tools in Animate to create your work in any platform of your choice, if you have a platform support plug-in for the that platform. To enable this capability, install the plug-in for the platform with Animate using one of the following methods:

  • Download the plug-in from the Adobe Add-ons page and install it using the Creative Cloud application.
  • If you have the plug-in as a ZXP package, install it using the Adobe Extension Manager application. 

Once installed, the plug-in adds a new document type to Animate. You can use a set of tools that the plug-in has enabled for the platform to create your work. While publishing your work, Animate uses the publish settings configured for the custom platform. 

Installing a custom platform support plug-in from the Add-ons page

You can acquire a custom platform support plug-in from the Adobe Add-ons site and install it as follows:
  1. Install and launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application. 
  2. Log in to the Adobe add-ons page with your Adobe ID and password.
  3. On the left panel, click Animate. The Animate add-ons available for purchase/download are listed. 
  4. Select the plug-in that supports your custom platform to view the details such as features supported and compatibility.
  5. On the add-on details page, purchase or download the plug-in. The plug-in is listed on the Adobe Creative Cloud app installed on your computer and a notification appears if it is successfully installed. 
  6. Launch Animate. The start page lists the custom platform as one of the document types. 

Installing the ZXP plug-in file

If you have the plug-in as a ZXP file, complete the following procedure to install the plug-in:

  1. Ensure that you have installed Animate CC 2014.1 or a later version.
  2. Download the Adobe Extension Manager CC plug-in from the Adobe Exchange page and install it on your computer.
  3. Double-click the <plug-in>.zxp file. The Adobe Extension Manager window appears.
  4. The Adobe Extension Manager displays the plug-in under Extensions if the plug-in is successfully installed.

Creating and publishing a custom platform document 

Use the following procedure to create and publish a document for a custom platform:

  1. Choose File > New. 
New Document
New Document

2. In the New Document dialog box, choose an intent of your choice from the tabs at the top of the screen such as Character Animation, Social, Game, Education, Ads, Web, and Advanced. Select the new document type added by the custom platform plug-in and click OK. You can see the following changes:

  • The document title displays <document-name>(Custom) 
  • The Properties panel displays the plug-in name along with publish settings and properties.
  • The tools panel displays the tools enabled by the plug-in.

3. Use the Animate authoring tools to create your animation content.

4. To view or change the publish settings for the custom platform, choose File > Publish Settings.

5. Choose File > Publish to publish your document.



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