Exporting projector files

Projectors are Animate files that contain both the published SWF file and Flash Player file. Projectors can play like a normal application, without the need for a web browser, the Flash Player plug-in, Adobe AIR, or any other platform runtimes.

Animate allows you to publish projectors for Windows and MAC operating systems. When exported, a projector file is generated as .exe for Windows and .app for MAC.


The Export as Projector feature was deprecated in the June 2013 release, and has been re-enabled in the June 2014 release.

Exporting Projector files

To export projector files from Animate, perform the following steps:

  1. In Animate, select File > Publish Settings

    Publish Settings dialog
    Publish Settings dialog

  2. Select any of the following options:

    • Win Projector to create an .exe file that can be run on Windows computer.
    • Mac Projector to create an .app file that can be run on MAC.
  3. Type the output filename in Output name text field. To navigate and specify a location where you want to save the Projector file, click the folder icon.

  4. Click Publish to export the projector file.


Projector files cannot be exported for HTML5 Canvas or WebGL (preview) document types.

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