Learn how to review a shared InDesign document.

InDesign provides intuitive commenting tools that stakeholders can use to share their feedback. As a stakeholder, you can review the shared document when you receive:

  • A private link through a Creative Cloud notification and an email.
  • A public link through any of the communication channels.

Here is a handy visual reference on reviewing a shared InDesign document.

Place a pin
Reference for review shared documents
A. Pin tool Use pin tool to pin or move your comments to indicate specific objects in the design. 
B. Highlight text  Select the text from the document and click this tool to highlight the text. 
C. Strikethrough text Select the text from the document and click this tool to strikethrough the text. 
D. Replace text Choose the section in the document where you want to replace text, click this tool and start adding the content. 
E. Drawing tool Mark free form annotations using colors. 
F. @mentions  Use to mention a user while adding comments. If you use this option, the mentioned reviewer receives a notification in email and in Creative Cloud application. When you click the notification, you can access the referenced comment section in the design.

Before you proceed

Before you start commenting on a shared document, refresh the browser window to view the latest updates made to the design.

Add comments

After you receive your InDesign document, open the document in a browser, and use pin or drawing tools to provide feedback to the designer. When working with a public link, you can also respond as a guest if you choose to do so.

Adobe recommends that a reviewer creates an Adobe ID before adding comments to manage the comments better. 

Some of the text editing and drawing tools you can use while adding comments in the document:

Unmark comment as resolved

If your comments are incorrectly marked as resolved, click More Options ... and select Move to Unresolved.

share for review
move the comment to unresolve

What's next?

We've got you started with adding comments on the shared designs. Take a step forward and learn how to manage review comments from within InDesign. If you would like to create new reviews, learn how to share and collaborate with InDesign documents.  

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