Upload a signed copy of an agreement

Upload a signed copy of an agreement

If your recipient signs a document and returns it to you outside of the Adobe Sign signature process, you can upload that signed document back into Adobe Sign and keep your records tidy.


The Upload signed document action becomes visible when:

  • The agreement is in a sequential signature flow.
    • Parallel signature flows (including hybrid signature flows) do not permit uploading the document back into the signature cycle
  • The next recipient is a single recipient (no recipient groups)
  • The agreement is In Process
  1. Digitize the signed document.

    • Scan the entire document to be uploaded as a PDF or image (PNG/JPG/GIF)
  2. As the sender of the agreement:

    • Navigate to: Manage > In Progress
    • Expand the action list in the right rail by clicking See more
    Expand the actions

    • Click the Upload Signed Document action
    Click the Upload signed document action

  3. An overlay is added to the screen, allowing the user to attach the file that is the signed copy of the agreement

    • Click the Add file link
    • Browse your local system to find and attach the signed copy of the agreement
      • When the file is uploaded, you will see the file name in the overlay
    • Check the I certify that this uploaded document is a signed copy option
    • Click Upload to upload the file
    Upload signed document - add file


    The above image shows the window content for the "Upload signed document" process when you are uploading the document for the last recipient.

    If you upload a document prior to the last recipient, the overlay text is altered to indicate that subsequent recipient(s) will be receiving the uploaded document as their agreement to act on.

    Below you can see the "Upload signed document" process if you are uploading a document in the middle of a transaction.

    Upload signed document - mid-stream

  4. Success!

    Under the Manage page, you can find the agreement in the Completed category (if the uploaded file was on behalf of the last recipient).

    • If the uploaded document is for any recipient other than the last, the agreement remains in the In Progress category


    If the document is taken outside the Adobe Sign system, then all of the Adobe Sign fields are removed from the document from that point forward. (So if there were any signers still waiting to sign this document, they only have an auto-generated Signature Block field to enter their Signature and email address.)


    The uploaded document is properly reflected in the Activity log and Audit report

    Activity log and audit report

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