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If you are having trouble downloading a trial product using Akamai Download Manager, try the following solutions.

Important: If at all possible, download software over a wired connection.

Solution 1: Keep the Akamai Download Manager window open

Make sure that the web browser and the Akamai Download Manager window remain open until the download completes. If you close the Akamai Download Manager window prematurely, the download fails and it's necessary to start over.

  1. Restart the download.
  2. Keep the Akamai Download Manager window open until the download completes successfully.

Solution 2: Use the direct URL to download the trial

If your download fails even when you keep the Akamai Download Manager window open, use the direct URL to download the software.

Important: When downloading Adobe trial products using direct links, you must use a browser such as Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.6. These browsers do not have a limit on the size of file downloads.

  1. Go to the Adobe trial downloads page and restart the download.
  2. In the Akamai Download Manager installer window, click the link or links to download the file directly. Then, follow the prompts to download and install the software.
Direct download link

Important: If neither of these solutions works, see Troubleshoot Akamai Download Manager 3 | trial products.

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