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Find quick answers to frequently asked questions about sync in Lightroom Classic.

How does sync work in Lightroom Classic?

To sync Lightroom Classic photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom apps, the photographs must be in synced collections or in All Synced Photographs collection. Photos within a synced collection are automatically available in Lightroom on your desktop, mobile, and web.

For more information, see Sync Lightroom Classic with Lightroom ecosystem.

Which versions of Lightroom Classic support syncing?

Lightroom Classic versions 11.5 and later support syncing.


You may not be able to use the sync feature in Lightroom Classic if the Creative Cloud membership has been redeemed by Kivuto. For more information, see Lightroom desktop and mobile apps unavailable to Education memberships | Kivuto

What can I sync with Lightroom Classic?

What syncs

What does not sync

Smart previews



PSB files


Files greater than 200 MB


History steps

Develop settings




* Videos from Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for mobile are downloaded to Lightroom Classic. However, Lightroom Classic does not upload them to the cloud.

Does Lightroom Classic sync the original files?

Lightroom Classic to Cloud: If you sync collections from Lightroom Classic, only smart previews are synced. Smart previews do not consume space on the cloud.

Cloud to Lightroom Classic: If you sync images from Lightroom desktop or Lightroom for mobile to Lightroom Classic, original files are downloaded.

Where can I find images synced from Lightroom desktop or Lightroom for mobile in Lightroom Classic?

Synced images from Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for mobile are available in From Lightroom collection.

From Lightroom collection

What is the difference between images under From Lightroom and Folder with Device Name?

When you sync images from Lightroom desktop or Lightroom for mobile, the device name gets listed under the Folders panel and the images appear below the device name.

If you have created an album then it appears as a collection under the From Lightroom collection in the Collections panel.

How can I sync images edited with Lightroom desktop in Lightroom Classic?

You need to turn on sync in Lightroom Classic to sync images edited with Lightroom desktop. For more information, see Set up Lightroom Classic for sync. Synced images and albums from Lightroom desktop appears in From Lightroom collection in Lightroom Classic.

How do I transfer all my images from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom desktop and sync them?

You can migrate your images from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom desktop. For more information, see Migrate photos and videos from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom.


It is recommended not to use sync in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom desktop.

How do I turn off sync in Lightroom Classic?

To pause sync in Lightroom Classic, click the sync icon located in the upper-right corner, next to the module switcher, and click Pause Syncing in the pop-up.

Pause sync

Can I unsync a single image from a collection or a group of photos from Lightroom Classic?

You can sync a single photo or group of photos without adding them to any collection by adding them to the All synced photographs collection. But individual photos from a synced collection cannot be unsynced.

How can I sync Lightroom Classic on two different computers?

Lightroom Classic syncs only one catalog at a time. And since Lightroom Classic on two different computers uses two different catalogs, you cannot sync catalogs between Lightroom Classic on two different computers.

Can I use Lightroom Classic Lightroom for desktop together?

Syncing between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom for desktop isn’t recommended.

Why do I have a lot of unwanted images from my mobile phone in Lightroom Classic?

If you have the Auto Add feature enabled in Lightroom for mobile and sync is turned on in Lightroom Classic, the images from your mobile begin to appear in Lightroom Classic. To disable the Auto Add feature, go to the preferences in Lightroom for mobile and turn off the Enable Auto Add setting.

My desktop is running out of space if I turn on sync in Lightroom Classic. What should I do?

Lightroom Classic downloads original images from the cloud if sync is turned on. If you have a considerable number of images on the cloud, it may take space on your local hard disk.

Can I delete images from Lightroom Classic after syncing it with the cloud?

If you delete images from Lightroom Classic after syncing it with the cloud, the images will be deleted from the cloud as well.


Do you use Lightroom Classic and Lightroom along with syncing services such as Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud Drive on your computer? To avoid unintentionally consuming your syncing client's online storage, make sure that you exclude the Location for Lightroom Ecosystem's Images in your syncing client's settings. Alternatively, in the Lightroom Sync preferences of Lightroom Classic, you can specify another folder location for downloading Lightroom ecosystem's images that is not marked for uploading to your syncing service's online storage.     

What is MobileDownloads.lrdata? Can I delete it to free up space?

MobileDownloads.lrdata contains all your synced and downloaded images from the cloud. It is not recommended to move or delete it. Lightroom Classic will not download the images that are already downloaded and all those images will be marked as unavailable. You can customize the location for Lightroom's synced images from Edit > Preferences > Lightroom Sync (Win) or Lightroom Classic > Preferences > Lightroom Sync (macOS). While customizing the location for Lightroom's synced images, you can choose to move the downloaded images to the new location.

What happens to my synced and shared collections if I cancel my subscription?

All your synced images will be available for 30 days before they are deleted. You will receive a notice regarding the deletion of your registered email address before it takes place. For details, see Lightroom Cloud deletion.

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