What's new in Adobe Fresco

Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Fresco.

July 2021 release (version 2.7)

Color adjustment layers

Color adjustment layers (iPad and Windows)

Make a color change without making a permanent color commitment by applying non-destructive tonal and color edits to your Fresco art. 


Graph grids (iPad and Windows)

Align your art, whether perfectly uniform or deliberately asymmetrical, all feels right when you use Fresco's grids to position the facets of your art.


Alignment guides (iPad and Windows)

Transform. Snap. It's that easy, in Transform mode, to snap a layer to the center of the canvas.

mask support

Expanded mask support (All platforms)

Mask all types of layers and make changes easily reversible on every layer in Fresco.


Improved tool persistence (All platforms)

Have a personalized arrangement for your tool options. Fresco will remember which tool you were using when you last closed a document.

Summer 2021 brushes

Discover brushes (New to Windows, available on iPad and iPhone)

Paint lush vegetation, soft grassy fields, shifting hues, and more. 
Check out Kyle T. Webster's Summer 2021 collection of brushes.


Discover shapes (New to Windows, available on iPad.)

Discover new shapes in a fast, fluid, and form-filled way to explore shape collections.

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