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  1. Creative Cloud User Guide
  2. Introduction to Creative Cloud
    1. Common questions | Creative Cloud
    2. Creative Cloud system requirements
    3. Creative Cloud file sync | Known issues
  3. Download, install, set up, and update
    1. Download Creative Cloud apps
    2. Open Creative Cloud apps
    3. Start workspace
    4. Update Creative Cloud apps
    5. Change the language of your Creative Cloud apps
    6. Uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app
    7. Uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps
  4. Manage your account
    1. Convert a Creative Cloud trial to a paid membership
    2. Reset your Adobe password
    3. Change your Adobe plan
    4. Update credit card and billing address
    5. View, download, or email your Adobe invoice
    6. Fix a failed or missed payment
    7. Cancel Adobe trial or subscription
  5. Creative services
    1. Using Adobe Stock in Creative Cloud apps
    2. Using Adobe Fonts in Creative Cloud apps
    3. Creative Cloud Market is no longer available
  6. Collaboration and storage services
    1. What are cloud documents
    2. Cloud documents | Common questions
    3. Create or convert files to cloud documents
    4. Set up cloud documents to use offline
    5. Revert to an earlier version of a cloud document
    6. Share your work for commenting
    7. Why can't I see my cloud documents offline?
    8. Creative Cloud Libraries
    9. Collaborate on Creative Cloud Libraries and folders
    10. Collaboration FAQ
    11. Sync your files using cloud storage
    12. Find how much cloud storage you have
    13. Set sync options
    14. Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files
    15. Download Synced files content
  7. Creative Cloud mobile apps
    1. Common questions | Mobile apps
    2. Adobe Creative Cloud for mobile
  8. Enterprise and teams
    1. Enterprise Learn & Support
    2. Teams Learn and Support
    3. Quick start guide for team members

Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign feature the Start workspace that lets you quickly access your recent files and files stored in Creative Cloud. Within this workspace, you may also have access to various resources tailored for your requirements. You can also search for Adobe Stock assets from within this workspace. In Photoshop, you can even work with your Lightroom photos in the Start workspace.

Start workspace

You will see the new Start workspace in one of the following scenarios:

  • When you launch the application
  • When there is no document open

Modes in the Start workspace

There are two modes in the Start workspace: Work and Learn.


Work view
Work view

A set of tabs in the Work mode provides you quick access to the recent files and more:

  • Recent: Displays the list of documents you have recently worked on. Select a document to continue working on it. You can view the documents as a list or as thumbnails.
  • Creative Cloud Files: Displays the list of files stored in Creative Cloud.
  • Mobile Creations (Illustrator): Displays the list of projects that you have created using Adobe Comp
  • Lr Photos (Photoshop): Lets you work with your Lightroom photos in Photoshop.

Find Stock assets

You can search from millions of high-quality, royalty-free images, illustrations, and vector graphics in the Adobe Stock search bar located at the lower panel in the Work mode. For more information, see Using Adobe Stock.


Learn view
Learn view

The Learn mode of the Start workspace provides access to various resources available to you.

  • Learn: Watch and learn about various features, workflows, and more.
  • Libraries: Access libraries with free assets and sync them to your Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • Mobile: Know more about various mobile applications and download them.
  • What's New: Learn about the new features in the application.

Create or open a document in the Start workspace

You can quickly create a document or browse for a document in the Start workspace.

  • To create a document, click Create New or use the shortcut Ctrl+N (Windows) / Cmd+N (Mac OS).
  • To browse for a document, click Open or use the shortcut Ctrl+O (Windows) / Cmd+O (Mac OS).

Hide the Start workspace

You can hide the Start workspace so that it does not appear when you launch the app.

  1. Open the application preferences. For example, do the following to open InDesign preferences:
  • (Windows) Choose Edit > Preferences > General.
  • (Mac OS) Choose InDesign > Preferences > General.
  1. Clear the Show "Start" Workspace When No Documents Are Open check box.


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