Known issues | Update to Dreamweaver 2014 release

This article lists the known issues and limitations in the latest update to the 2014 release of Dreamweaver.

New Welcome Screen

In Dreamweaver 2014.1.1, the new Welcome Screen displays an error message if inbound and outbound internet connections are blocked, or restricted to only secure connections.

Extract in Dreamweaver

  • When a PSD file is double-clicked in the Extract panel, a message indicating that an error occurred while generating Extract data for the file is displayed.

Workaround: Open the PSD files in the Extract panel with a single click.

  • Extract Panel becomes very slow when a PSD has large background layers (> 3000px).

Workaround: Hide the background layer using the Layers tab in the Extract panel and continue using Extract.

  • The -webkit vendor prefix  is not getting added in Code View when you copy-paste box-shadow CSS property from the Extract panel.
  • When you sign out from Dreamweaver and sign in with another Adobe ID, the Extract panel does not refresh to show the PSD files corresponding to the second Adobe ID.
  • While extracting an image on Mac, if you add a backslash along with the filename of an image, a new folder is not created as expected. The backslash becomes a part of the filename instead. 
  • When you copy CSS of a radial gradient from a PSD file in Extract panel and paste it in your web page, the appropriate vendor prefix is not added. Note: Dreamweaver does not support radial gradients in CSS Designer as well.
  • When you extract assets by dragging and dropping them into Live View, the HTML code is added in the HTML file even if the asset extractions fail.
  • When you insert an image from the Insert panel in Extract workspace, the Select File dialog box appears, but disappears when you select a file or navigate to a folder.
  • PSD files with "+" in the file name are not rendered in the Extract panel.
  • On Mac, the Extract panel is blank and does not work if the hard disk name contains characters such as, %, #, or &.
  • The Extract panel may not load when you launch Dreamweaver as a trial user. Log in to Creative Cloud with your Adobe ID, specify your date of birth, and relaunch Dreamweaver to use the Extract panel.

Edit in Live View

  • While editing text in Live View, when you press Enter after a <h1> tag, a <div> tag with a <br> is inserted instead of a <p> tag.
  • Text edits in Live View may not get committed if the document contains W3C validation errors.

Workaround: Validate your document (File > Validate) for any syntax errors and fix them before editing text in Live View.

  • Dreamweaver does not load SWF files or FLV videos in Live View.
  • Pseudo and compound selectors cannot be added using Element Display. Dreamweaver displays the source popup even though it is not applicable while trying to add pseudo selectors.
  • Sometimes, when you use the Go To Code option in Live View, any <style> tag on the page is moved under other elements.
  • In Live View, when you delete all the text in nested inline tags, the tags are either deleted or interchanged.

Other issues

  • On Mac 10.7.5, 10.9.5 and 10.10, files that are dragged and dropped into Design view from Finder are inserted with an invalid file path. On Mac 10.9.5 and 10.10, when a file is dropped from Finder into Design view, id= <number> is inserted as anchor text instead of the file name.

Workaround: Drag-and-drop files from the Files panel in Dreamweaver.

  • On Mac, when you click the Administer Site In Contribute button, Contribute launches successfully, but a dialog box with message “Contribute could not connect to the server” appears.

Workaround: First create a connection in Contribute and then set up a site in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver launches the Administrator Password dialog box for preexisting connections.

  • Dreamweaver displays the message, 'Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server...' even after it has successfully connected to the remote FTP server.


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