InDesign CC 2015 (11.1.0) Release Notes

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Resolved issues

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  • InDesign crashes if a user inserts an inline button (button, checkbox, radio button) using a script.
  • InDesign crashes if the Display Performance is set to High Quality with two open documents containing placed .indd files and the user closes one of the documents.
  • InDesign crashes if a user copies a table containing a populated graphic cell (with an imported image). This occurs if the user performs a direct copy. However, the crash does not occur if the user copies and pastes the table to and from the clipboard.
  • InDesign crashes if, during Check Spelling, a user replaces all instances of a word (Change All) with a suggested correction.
  • InDesign crashes if a user enters private unicode values in a text frame.
  • InDesign crashes if, during the create package process, a user encounters a font license agreement warning and the user cancels the package creation.
  • InDesign crashes with the "Prevent selection of Locked objects" option unchecked, if a user creates an object style with "Fit Content to Frame" option selected and then selects a frame and applies the style to the frame.
  • Copying (using the Alt+drag key combination) a large number of objects on a document takes a lot of time.
  • InDesign performance degrades if a user writes to a document that contain shading and is currently zoomed out to about 5%.
  • Drawing performance issues are experienced if a document containing placed PDFs is rendered on High Quality Display.
  • InDesign experience rendering issues if EPS files with Type42 font (Truetype font - language level 3) are linked or embedded in a document.
  • When using Webdings/Wingdings fonts along with Unicode Malayalm font, the characters represented by Webdings/Wingdings fonts are incorrectly placed in the document.
  • Objects on master page do not update their swatch appearance if a user changes the swatch values
  • The Smart Guides functionality does not correctly set the dimensions of objects.
  • Greeking is applied to a part of text only while the text font size is the same in the complete paragraph. Also, greeking is appearing with red color.
  • In some documents published using Publish Online, some artifacts such as white and grey lines would appear around images in published output.
  • Many images are missing in documents published using Publish Online, if the documents contain certain special characters in image names.

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