InDesign CC 2015.3 (11.3.0) Release Notes

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What's new in this release

For a list of new features delivered in InDesign 2015.3, see Adobe InDesign CC 2015.3 Release | March 2016.

Key issues resolved

  1. [Mac only] Alias for folders show no files when placed in the Scripts Panel folder.
  2. Document becomes corrupted in Create Outline--Export PDF--Undo workflow.
  3. InDesign crashes on rotating and transforming an inline graphic.
  4. InDesign crashes while changing a document containing a locked object to Facing Pages. 
  5. Onscreen keyboard is launched while working with Type tool in Classic workspace, when a USB keyboard is attached.
  6. While working in Touch workspace, Import Options dialog box is not shown even if Show Import Options is selected in the Place dialog box.
  7. Memory usage increases on launching Touch workspace help.
  8. InDesign start-up screen flickers after updating to version 11.2.
  9. Increasing the font size of text using the font slider increases the font size of the tool tip.
  10. Overprint is not honored when Proof Colors option is on.
  11. Other bug fixes for Publish Online workflow and more specific error codes.

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