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Get access to premium features such as Premium Presets, Healing brush, selective adjustments, geometry tools, raw editing - among several others, when you purchase the Lightroom for mobile premium subscription. Find out more about the premium features in this article.

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Already have a paid subscription but cannot use the premium features? To resolve your issue, see Can't use Premium features in Lightroom for mobile after in-app purchase.

Editing at your fingertips

Premium Presets

Presets now display two categories - Premium and Library. In the Premium tab, you can find industry-standard presets for an array of edits, including Portraits for different skin tones, Travel, Cinematic, Vintage, and more. Tap a preset to apply the edits to the image. New presets are added with each update.

To learn more, see:

Premium Presets in Lightroom
Take your editing to the next level with Premium Presets

Healing brush

Use the Healing Brush to remove just about anything from your photo, no matter how big or small. The Healing Brush tools let you correct imperfections, causing them to disappear into the surrounding image. Using these tools, you can remove unnecessary spots, power lines, people, objects, or other such distractions from a photo. For more information, see:

Healing brush
Exceptional editing with the Healing Brush

Selective adjustments

Adjust any part of a photo with your finger or stylus to apply enhancements with precision using Selective edits. Selective edit controls allow you to make corrections to a specific area of a photo. For example, you may want to lighten a face to make it stand out in a portrait. To make local corrections, you can apply adjustments using the Brush Selection toolRadial Selection tool, and the Linear Selection tool. For more information, see:

Selective adjustments
Selective adjustments

Geometry tools

While capturing photos, being too close to the subject or using certain types of lenses can distort perspective and make straight lines appear bowed, tilted or skewed in your photos. For example, shooting up at a tall building can make the building look like it's leaning away from you. You can easily fix and adjust the perspective of your photo using the Upright modes and geometry slider tools in the Geometry panel. For more information, see:

Geometry tools
Fix and adjust perspective

Raw editing on phone or tablet

Use a USB On-The-Go cable (Android) or Lightning to SD card adapter (iOS) to import your raw photos directly to your phone and edit them anywhere. For more information, see:
Raw editing
Edit raw photos from your cameras

Find your photos better and faster

People Photo sorting

Quickly find the people you care about with the Adobe Sensei-powered People View. The People View in Lightroom for mobile recognizes and groups photos of the same person in a cluster. You can easily browse through the photos of any particular person using the People View. For more information, see:

People Photo sorting
Automatically sort all your people photos

Lightroom can help you find photos by what’s in them, even if you have not added keywords to the photos. Your photos are auto-tagged in the Cloud so you can search for them by content. Lightroom uses Adobe Sensei to identify subjects, such as people or objects, making it a snap to find photos from a trip or create an album of dogs.

Sensei search
Find your mountain shots

Improve your workflows on the go

Batch editing

Easily apply the same adjustments to multiple images with batch editing. Lightroom for mobile allows you to copy the edits that you have applied on a photo and paste it across multiple photos. You can also choose which edit settings you want to copy from a photo. For more information, see:

Batch editing
You've made your style, now make your mark

Sync presets and profiles

Synchronize presets you create or purchase as well as third-party profiles between your mobile devices and Lightroom for web. For more information, see How to Add Presets/Sync Presets with mobile.

Sync presets and profiles
Synchronize your presets and profiles

Share Web Galleries

Easily showcase your photos online with web galleries. Edits sync seamlessly, so any changes you make are always up to date.
Web galleries
Share photos on the web

Cloud storage

Get cloud storage to back up your original photos and access them on other mobile devices and Lightroom on the web.

Cloud storage
Your photos anywhere you are


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