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What's new in Bridge

Learn what's new in the latest release of Bridge.


The March 2023 release of Bridge (version 13.0.3) includes fixes to various customer-reported issues. For more information, see Fixed issues.

Top new features

October 2022 release (version 13)

Workflow Builder

Create additional content panels and work on assets from multiple folders simultaneously.

ACR sidecar support

Detach any panel and place it on a second monitor to make the best use of your multi monitor setup.

Workflow Builder

Easily customize the application interface by rearranging the panels to best suit your working style.

Workflow Builder

Now search for a file type or a target product and set associations easily in the File Type Association(FTA) dialog.

ACR sidecar support

Configure a content panel to always display the entire content of a folder, including its subfolder.

Other enhancements

Reorder workspaces, hide them or delete custom workspaces via the new dedicated 'Edit workspace' dialog.

Previous releases of Bridge

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