ColdFusion for Developers | Adobe ColdFusion 11 Enterprise

Adobe® ColdFusion® 11 software enables you to easily create richer user experiences by taking advantage of the latest HTML5 integration without prior knowledge of HTML5. Make your existing applications run faster without changing any code. Reduce development effort with language enhancements and CFSCRIPT support.

Build applications quickly

Leverage language enhancements and improvements to object relational mapping (ORM) to condense complex logic into fewer lines of code. Build full-fledged applications faster with enhanced scripting support.

Language enhancements

Improve your code quality and readability with language enhancements, along with better control and flexibility using closures. Initialize CFC properties using Auto-constructor, increase coding efficiency with CFC Method Chaining, and ensure effective query management using For-in support.

Enhanced CFSCRIPT support

Use tag-based CFML to rapidly build full-fledged applications with the enhanced scripting support for CFSCRIPT.

Object relational mapping enhancements

Build and manage database-independent applications using object relational mapping (ORM) without writing any SQL. Index and perform a full-text search of ORM entities with the built-in Lucene search engine, and obtain improved debug information through SQL logging.

Embrace futuristic technologies

Deliver first-in-class user experiences using unique built-in support for HTML5 without prior knowledge of HTML5. Execute a point-to-point data push with real-time server response, and build high-performing applications.

Dynamic and interactive HTML5 charting

Access a large repository of interactive, client-side HTML5 charts and easily implement them using the built-in CFCHART tag. Create an enriched user experience by customizing charts, including interactive charts.

Support for HTML5 web sockets

Publish data to multiple clients or execute a point-to-point data push with real-time server response. Leverage the support provided by the built-in functionality to instantly access HTML5 web sockets, even without prior knowledge of the protocol.

Improved web services support

Publish and access web services with less code using the revamped engine that supports the WSDL 2.0 specification, SOAP 1.2, and document literal wrapped style.

Support for RESTful web services

Easily publish your ColdFusion component as a Representational State Transfer (REST) web service with built-in support for all HTTP methods, along with JSON and XML serialization and de-serialization.

HTML5 video player

Leverage the rich experience provided by the built-in HTML5 video player.

Deploy enterprise-ready applications

Make existing applications run faster by taking advantage of Tomcat integration and many other performance enhancements. Work more productively with the new scheduler and a Hotfix installer.

Improved and revamped scheduler

Achieve better scheduled task management using application-specific tasks, event handling, grouping, and chaining. Manage tasks in a more granular, scalable, and organized manner by running tasks in a cluster setup.

Security enhancements

Make your server more secure against cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery using functions to sanitize user input. Strengthen the authentication of applications using the enhanced login mechanism. Choose the new secure profile to enable default secure settings across the server.

Tomcat integration

Experience enhanced performance from the built-in Tomcat application server that replaces Adobe® JRun™. With active and vast support from the developer community, Tomcat implements most of the latest web standards.

Microsoft® Office file interoperability

Read, create, and update spreadsheets using the CFSPREADSHEET tag. Generate PDF files from PowerPoint and Word files. Produce HTML or SWF files from PowerPoint presentations. Leverage enhanced support to work with Microsoft Office 2010 files.

Performance enhancements

Create powerful web applications with the array of performance enhancements in ColdFusion server. Make your existing web applications run faster by leveraging the performance improvements in ColdFusion components (CFCs), structs, built-in functions, switch-case statements, and more.

Hotfix installer and notification

Get instant notifications of updates to ColdFusion in your ColdFusion Administrator and save time on installing updates using the one-click Hotfix installer.

Use cases

Server messaging

An online healthcare portal addresses the emergency needs of patients through a messaging channel with doctors on the website. A message channel in the form of a live chat can be easily integrated with the existing website using HTML5 web sockets. The website can email prescription and payment details to the patient using built-in email management and scheduled tasks functionality.

Online collaboration

The built-in support for HTML5 web sockets helps you easily create applications for online collaboration by introducing group chat, whiteboarding, document reviews, and presentations. It also supports the binary data being pushed from the server to the client. Using a simple file or a database to store data on the server, ColdFusion provides an integrated solution to effortlessly access that data.

Internet marketplace

An Internet music store has an enormous repository of audio and video files. The store can display customized information relevant to its users. Using the seamless Java integration, a website with a ColdFusion back end can easily invoke the existing Java libraries to fetch the metadata from the files quickly and present the information in a dynamic interface made possible by Adobe ColdFusion.

Online training podcasts

A technology company introduces flexible training options for its employees located in different time zones, through recorded e-seminars accessible on the intranet. These videos can be displayed across multiple devices with new video player functionality. The evaluation for online tests can be provided through a simple back-end program created using the CFSCRIPT support and language enhancements.

Easily port applications to mobile devices

A developer, who wants to rapidly build online gaming applications, can use Adobe ColdFusion as a powerful back end. A rich interactive user experience can be provided to the users through the built-in support for HTML5 web sockets and charting. The developer can easily build the back end over HTTP by exposing the business logic using built-in REST support.



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