Project basics

Elements Organizer and Photoshop Elements provide quick and easy ways to be creative with your photos. You can use your photos to create photo books, greeting cards, calendars, collages, and CD/DVD jackets among other projects. You can complete some projects in Elements Organizer. For other projects, you select the photos you want to use in Elements Organizer, and then complete the project in Photoshop Elements.

Click Create to view a list of projects that guide you through the process of using professionally designed templates to create your own unique project. When you complete a project, you can either share it online, or print it on your home computer.

Your projects are displayed in Elements Organizer. The project file and related subfolders that contain the document or web page files for each project are created on your local hard drive. To maintain the link between these project files, subfolders, and page files, avoid moving them using Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). Instead, use the Move command in Elements Organizer.

You can share projects in various ways. For example, you can burn a slideshow onto a CD.  


Projects from previous versions of Photoshop Elements might not open in the current version. You may have to use a previous version to open some projects.

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