Learn how to place and edit assets in real world space so you can compose your AR experience.

Place assets

You can start placing content in the scene after you set the surface anchor. If you want to go back one step and learn how to find a reliable surface to place assets, see Setting a surface anchor. Once the anchor is placed, you can import assets in the space.


Select assets

Single object

Tap on an object to select it. A selected object is highlighted and a surface guide is drawn under it.

If you turn the camera away from the selected object, an arrow pops up on the screen to direct you back to the object.


Tap on the overflow menu to enter Multi-select mode. Then, tap on all the objects to select them.

Multi-select objects in the scene


Tap on the screen outside of the bounding box of the selected object.

Edit actions

Edit your scene by using the below actions while you have one or more objects selected:

  • Move: Use one finger to move objects left to right across the surface, or, to move an object away from you then move your finger upwards on the screen. To move an object towards you, move your finger downwards on the screen.
  • Rotate: Use two of your fingers at an equal distance in a twisting gesture. You can also tap the Rotate icon in the Toolbar.
  • Scale: Use two of your fingers in a pinching gesture inward or outward.
  • Lift: Hold and swipe three fingers upward or downward on the screen.
  • Duplicate: Select Duplicate option from the Toolbar. The object will be duplicated off center of the first instance. Select the new copy to move around in space.

What's next?

We've got you started on how to place assets in the scene. After you place your assets, go ahead and add interactivity to the objects.

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community. We would love to hear from you. 

Don’t forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others work as well.

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