Why aren’t these fonts included in my Creative Cloud subscription?

There are a few types of Creative Cloud subscriptions that include the introductory level of Adobe Fonts, rather than the complete library.  If you have one of these subscriptions, you will see a message that "these fonts are not included in your plan" on some font family webpages.

A font that is not included in your Creative Cloud subscription.

Subscription types

These types of Creative Cloud subscriptions may not include the complete font library:

Creative Cloud for education

Creative Cloud is offered through several different educational licensing programs, some of which include the complete library and some of which include the basic library. Contact your school's Adobe representative with any questions on the package that you purchased.

Creative Cloud for Enterprise

If Adobe Fonts is included in your Creative Cloud for Enterprise plan, your organization’s account administrator needs to include the Fonts service in your account profile in order for you to use the complete library. Contact your account administrator for more information on the available options.

Administrative contact on Creative Cloud for teams

The Creative Cloud for teams administrative contact comes with the introductory level of Adobe Fonts and other Creative Cloud services.  To use the complete library, assign your Adobe ID as a full seat on the team plan.

Using additional fonts

If your subscription doesn’t include the fonts that you need, you may be able to change to a Creative Cloud plan that includes the complete library to have a wider selection of fonts, or you can license individual fonts directly from the font foundry website or their authorized reseller.

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