Explore Lightroom's Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze controls to create depth and detail in your photos.

Aerial photograph of a brown mountain and valley range

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers multiple ways to enhance the details in your photos by using the Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze sliders. These sliders are in the Effects panel, and each of them addresses specific qualities of a photo. In many cases, even a slight adjustment with these controls can result in a significant improvement. Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze can be applied globally to the entire photo, or only to specific areas using the Brush tool, and the Linear and Radial Gradient tools.

Refine the look of image texture

The Texture slider concentrates on medium-sized details and is used to increase or decrease the prominence of texture in a photo, without affecting the fine details. Decreasing Texture can be useful for portraits when you want to soften or minimize the appearance of skin texture.

If there are textural details that you want to enhance so that they become more noticeable and prominent, increase the Texture value. This can be very effective in a photo in which the texture of a surface is an important part of the image. 

Side by side photos of part of a ship covered with rust and moss, the Texture value for the image on the right has been increased to bring out details

Enhance details and edge contrast with Clarity

The Clarity adjustment affects the contrast edges in the midtone area of the tonal range. When it identifies these areas, it increases the contrast along these edges. Increasing Clarity enhances midtone contrast and makes an image pop and appear sharper, while decreasing Clarity can soften an image.

Side by side photographs of a mountain island, the Clarity slider has been used to bring out detail in the image on the right

Use Dehaze to reduce or create a haze

The Dehaze adjustment is very useful on images where there are atmospheric conditions, such as fog, haze, mist, or smoke, that are absorbing and scattering the light in a scene.  If you have a photo where these properties are creating low contrast or obscuring details in the scene, move the Dehaze slider to the right to reduce the haze. 

You also can move the Dehaze slider to the left to increase the appearance of mist or fog in some images. 

Both Clarity and Dehaze modify aspects of the contrast and, in some cases, the saturation of colors. After applying them, it’s a good idea to revisit the settings you’ve applied in the Light and Color panels to see if you need to fine-tune the look of the image.

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