Known issues in InDesign

Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of InDesign.

InDesign 17.0 (October 2021 release)

Issue: Unable to launch Adobe InDesign.

Workaround: If you are using Trend Micro Antivirus software, update it to version 17.0 or above. If the issue persists, add InDesign to the exception list in application settings.

Content-Aware Fit

  • When you place an asset in an InDesign document and select Content-Aware Fit as the frame fitting option, InDesign crashes. This issue occurs if the GPU driver of the machine is disabled. To resolve this issue, enable the GPU driver of the machine.
  • Content-Aware Fit Preference option is ignored on placing an image by directly clicking on the document with loaded place gun without creating a frame

Adjust Layout

  • Frame grid size, Char Aki, and Line Aki values are adjusted incorrectly when changing page size from Adjust Layout dialog box with Adjust Font Size preference enabled.
  • Frame grids in threaded frames increases disproportionately to the page when changing page size from Adjust Layout dialog box with Adjust Font Size preference enabled.
  • [Mac] Effects applied on the text content do not get adjusted with Adjust Layout.
  • Graphic cells having Pasted Into graphics no longer show graphic content after using Adjust Layout.

Properties panel

  • While reducing the number of pages containing objects from the Properties panel, no alert message is shown.
  • When the Color pop-up from the Properties panel is in expanded state, dialog box that opens while performing certain operations is hidden behind the Color pop-up.

Import PDF Comments

  • PDF comments added by iOS or Android Acrobat Reader, or by Apple Preview are not imported in InDesign.
  • When you scale an object having a non-text comment, the comment moves to another place or disappears.
  • Text comments in the following scenarios are not mapped to the text and are marked unmapped:
    • Comments on text that falls outside a text frame
    • Comments on all caps text
    • Comments on master page objects
  • Insert Text comment is shifted by few characters in MENA document.
  • Text comments are merged with other drawings on text which might make text comments to hide or not appear correctly.
  • Comments imported in an IDML document cannot be mapped.
  • On trying to drag the pageitem by clicking on annotation draws the same annotation at some other location.


  • When you select a font as favorite through, it takes a long time to reflect the changes in the Favorites filter on the Find More tab of the Character panel (Window > Type & Tables > Character).
  • [Mac] While creating the outline for Apple Color Emoji font you get the following error:
    Please select one or more characters that can be converted to outlines.
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